Born: 310 BC
embraced: 330 BC

Mohamed served in one of Sets temples as a Priest. When Set "died" Mohamed along with a few others were buried with him. There Mohamed spent centuries in voluntary Torpor, only to be woken when the time was right. But circumstances were altered when Archeologist stumbled upon his burial chamber. They opened his sarcophagus, to discover his mummified body, being curios they began to unravel the coverings. Somehow a drop of blood landed on Mohameds lips and he awoke. being in Torpor for centuries had left him somewhat famished. The expedition was found the next day..very dead

Mohamed wears the Black medallion of a third degree member, only those who have shown all of the qualities of an advanced second degree member, and who have also been chosen by Set to serve in his priesthood are allowed to wear it. This member shall have demonstrated abilities in working with and representing Set and the Temple of Set. We title this degree "Priest." Another way of putting this: the Third Degree Setite has become Resonate with the Work of Set.