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I don't think that they actually plaster the episode name up on > the screen at the beginning of every show, do they? Not like ST:TNG. The local TV listings do list episode titles, even though the shows don't. TV Guide may list titles as well. > And speaking of TV shows, who thinks that the X-Files would be a natural "tie- > in" with our VtM TV series? Have Fox and Dana show up to investigate a > bloodless corpse (turns out to be a victim of an improperly trained Childe) and > manages to find and destroy the vampire, but doesn't realize that there's > anything else to it (e.g. more vampires). The episode closes with the Prince > watching from the shadows, breathing a silent sigh of relief. Then it goes > straight into the pilot for the VtM show. It would get me hooked! Here are the stats that I've worked up for Mulder and Scully. Fans of the show may not completely agree with my stats. In fact, I'm willing to bet that five minutes after I post this, there's gonna be twenty or so reponses along the lines of "You gave Mulder only a 3 for Wits and Scully only a 2? What are you, stupid?" To save bandwidth, all I can say is that if you don't like the stats, change 'em to suit you. For those of you who don't watch "The X-Files," it is a sci-fi/horror television show that is seen on the FOX network and affiliates in the US and I believe Sky One and/or Global Television Network in Canada (I think it's shown in the UK too, but I don't know which channel). It's plot revolves around two FBI agents, Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, who run their own "task force" of sorts dedicating to investigating the FBI's "X-Files", unsolved cases, many of which involve supernatural or alien (UFOs, etc.) phenonema. Fox Mulder is the agent that "reopened" investigation of the X-Files, much to the chagrin of his FBI superiors. Mulder's older sister disappeared when Mulder was a child, and he believes that she was abducted by aliens. He is completely driven in his goal of uncovering and revealing "the truth" in regards to X-File cases. Though he has a reputation as a crackpot because of this (his nickname is "Spooky") and most of his FBI superiors would like nothing better than to fire him, Mulder has a (deserved) reputation as an expert in criminal psychological profiles. He also has several high-level Congressional contacts that he uses to keep his X-Files operation from being closed down. His partner, Dana Scully, was recruited out of medical school into the FBI. She was ordered by her FBI superiors to assist Mulder as his partner and detail her findings on the X-File cases (i.e. "debunk the X-Files so we can ship Mulder's butt outta here"). She is the skeptic to the pair, continually finding rational explanations for the X-File cases that she and Mulder investigate. Of course, as she and Mulder have worked together, her skepticism has begun wane. However, she still possesses a natural reluctance (and even, she admits in one episode, fear) to believe in the supernatural and aliens. The following stats were generated according to "the Hunter's Hunted." Name: Fox "Spooky" Mulder Nature: Petitient/Visionary (this is hard to nail down, as both apply) Demeanor: Fanatic (for "the Truth", though some may argue that this is Nature as well) Method: Detective Concept: FBI agent *Attributes Physical: Strength 2 Dexterity 2 Stamina 2 Social: Charisma 3 Manipualtion 3 Appearance 3 Mental: Perception 4 Intelligence 4 Wits 3 (Mulder's pretty quick and good with a sarcastic one-liner, but bad guys...and beast-women...can still get the drop on him) *Abilities Talents: Acting 2, Alertness 2, Athletics 1, Dodge 1, Empathy 3, Subterfuge 3 Skills: Drive 2, Ettiquette 1, Firearms 3, Stealth 2 Knowledges: Bureaucracy 3, Computer 1, Investigation 5, Law 4, Linguistics 1, Occult 3, Science 4, Psychology 5, UFO Lore 5 *Backgrounds: Resources 3, Contacts 5, Status 1 (in the FBI; would be higher but his reputation as an alien conspiracy theorist keeps working against his rep as a top psychological profiler) *Merits and Flaws: Political Ties, Driving Goal ("the Truth" and finding out about his sister), Nortorious (as an alien conspiracy theorist) *Virtues: Conscience 5, Self-Control 2 (he does A LOT of stupid, half-thought out stuff [breaking into top-secret military bases in "Deep Throat", "E.B.E.", and "Fallen Angel", etc.] that puts himself needless risk...all in the name of uncovering "the Truth.") Courage 4 *Humanity 10 *Willpower 7 (we can assume he has high Willpower, but he was amply mind-zapped in "Deep Throat and "GenderBender" that he probably doesn't have an extreme score) *************************************************************************** Name: Dana Scully Nature: Director Demeanor: Curmudgeon Motive: Duty (to the FBI to bring in criminals, though not necessarily criminal aliens from the Reticulua Major system) Method: Scientific/Detective Concept: FBI agent *Attributes Physical: Strenth 2, Dexterity 2, Stamina 2 Social: Charisma 2 (though when "on-duty" she acts more like it's a 1, she can be friendly when she wants to), Manipulation 2, Appearance 3 Mental: Perception 3, Intelligence 4, Wits 2 (yes, her Perception and Wits are lower than Mulder's. Even if the main reason she ends up in the other room/looking the other way/knocked unconscious whenever a flying saucer or werewolf shows up is because the writers want it that way, her stats still need to reflect the fact that she sees a lot less than Mulder does) *Abilities Talents: Alertness 2, Athletics 1, Dodge 1, Empathy 2, Leadership 2, Subterfuge 1 Skills: Drive 2, Ettiquette 2, Firearms 3, Stealth 2 Knowledges: Bureaucracy 2, Computer 2, Investigation 4 (she's good, but she doesn't have Mulder's experience), Law 4, Linguistics 2, Medicine 4, Science 4 *Backgrounds: Resources 3, Contacts 3 *Virtues: Conscience 5, Self-Control 4, Courage 3 (I originally had this at 4, but decided to change it when I considered the fact that she is unwilling to believe in aliens and such mainly because she is *scared* to think that those sorts of things could be real. When forced to face the unknown, however, she won't collapse in fear) *Humanity: 10 *Willpower: 8 (she seems, in many ways, more rational and collected than Mulder and probably is more steeled against mental domination, though she was mind-zapped in "GenderBender", too, but she fought it the whole way). Well, those are my stats for S&M. Hope you like 'em and can find use for 'em in your Chronicle. Oh, and as a side note for any STs that would like to use Scully and Mulder but are fretting over how to rationalize the UFOs that the pair keep running's a thought... Maybe those aren't aliens they're chasing. Maybe those flying saucers are the Technocracy's latest toys. That would explain why Mulder gets so much flak from the government (the Technocracy DOESN'T want its existance or the existance of vampires, magic, psychic powers, etc. revelaed to the world at large). And in "Deep Throat," Mulder and Scully DID run into a pack of Men In Black... Just something I wanted to throw out. -Ralph