The Viecksy

Origin: Bulgaria.

Origins: The viecksy are a bloodline of eastern-european origin who have many of the abilities of pop-fiction vampires. Unlike many of their cousins, the viecksy is almost entirely a physical presence on Earth and has very little spirit-like or ghost-like characteristics, and that makes them somewhat alien to most vampires, and at the same time, the very soul of the vampire -- for after all, it is their continued physical presence on Earth that the vampires trade for spiritual enlightenment, isn't it?

Character Creation: These creatures are naturally quite stoic and cold, and have poor social skills. Often, their physical skills and mental skills are equally unimpressive (though they may have powerful physical disciplines.) They naturally may not take any backgrounds which imply contact with human or vampire society such as Herd, Status, etc. Many of them never speak.

Clan Disciplines: Potence, Fortitude (at x4), Flight. X-Ray Vision is not a clan discipline in terms of cost, but viecksy often have it. They can use Fortitude, Obfuscate and other applicable disciplines even while sleeping or in torpor.

Nickname: Too few new-age vampires have met the viecksy and too few viecsky speak to even know their name, let alone attach a colloquial to it.

Clan Weaknesses:

1. The viecksy remain in torpor as if their humanity score were one point lower, due to their natural inertia.

2. They tend to become frozen when deep in thought much like the Toreador fascination only under most any circumstances as if they were distanced from everything, even entering Torpor on a bad enough botch, frozen right where they are.

3. The viecksy may not take any disciplines or merits that imply a spiritual side or ties of any kind, such as Animalism, Auspex, Presence or Thaumaturgy. Even disciplines such as Dominate and Protean are somewhat alien, but they may apply (though they act differently, such as Earth Meld and Obfuscate.)

4. Viecksy lose humanity by distancing themselves from human society, and from being human (flying around an taking bullets makes it worse) in addition to the normal causes. They lose humanity more often for not getting involved than for direct involvement.

Politics: The viecksy have not had much contact with other broods because they have remained very much in eastern europe for the last few centuries, and also there are only a very few of them. Also, they are of a highly solitary nature since their disciplines do not lend themselves to keeping the masquerade, so they generally have no contact with the human world at all, only flying in to feed and then flying away. They generally keep their havens in high mountains or the deep sea.

Appearance: Old viecksy have the look and feel of polished marble. Their skin is often cold and hard to the touch, and their manner stoic and distant, almost to the point where one might believe they are not real at all. If they use obfuscate, it is likely to disguise themselves as a statue. Viecksy cannot make themselves invisible.

Flight: (New Discipline)

Flight operates in the same way as Celerity, the character is granted certain movement powers for each level of the discipline. Afficionados of this discipline often affect bat- or bird-like characteristics, or use bat-capes and/or flowing garments to enhance their look while flying, since they are among the only vampires that can.

Glide: The character is able to glide, but not yet actually fly under their own power. This allows them to float gently to Earth instead of falling, leap farther, and also something achieve some of the same effects as flying. This is equivalent to Glide-50.

System: Roll Dex+Flight (up to 5) each success adds 10ft to a leap.

Float: The character may defy gravity and float about under their own power

System: Speed is up to about 60 MPH, for 1 blood point per scene/hour.

Fly: The character may float at will, or fly quite fast for 1 blood point per hour.

System: Speed are 45 MPH to hover or float (at no cost), 100 MPH to fly for 1 blood point per hur, or fly fast for 75 MPH per blood point per hour (e.g., if 3 blood points are spent, the vampires flies at 225 MPH.)

System: 60 MPH / 125 MPH / 100 MPH

System: 75 MPH / 155 MPH / 125 MPH, etc.

X-Ray Vision: (New Discipline)

This discipline acts like Matter Perception (see Mage) allowing the vampire to see through solid objects.

Feeble: The character can only see through thin or flimsy materials. Curtains, paper, etc., will be normal difficulty, but thin steel and concrete will be very hard.

System: The character rolls Perception+Alertness always.

Half: The character can now see through denser materials, as long as they are thin.

Better: The character can see through armor with difficulty.

X-Ray Vision: The character sees through ordinary objects, even thick armor, without difficulty.