by Brian Burke

Vendaal is the the result of Father Time's effort to manipulate time to his own will. Much to many kindred's surprise he succeeded. Father Time is the only Caantalsay to possess Vendaal at higher than level 5. Vendaal can only be tought to those who are Caantalsay, Malkavian, or somehow have become "enlightened".

[1] Daanaalkay - The Language of Time: The building block of the Caatalsay Blood line. It is the first thing a Neonate learns. The language of time and madness, only a Caantalsay can hope to fathom any meaning from it. It is a complex system of chirps, whines, and gestures which enable the user to manipulate and channel the waves of time. In written form it is a potpourri of maddening scribbles and lines.

In addition to the obvious advantage of having a means of communication only understood by Caantaslay there is also the additonal ability to make small manipulations of time [for example being able to approximate what time it is].

[2] Enhanced Senses: By expending a blood point the Kindred enhances his reflexes by attuning his vision, hearing, etc to a different wave of time, usually one directly parrelling the current [read: a split second into the future]. This gives the kindred a +1 die on all combat and perception related rolls for the duration of the scene. Other benefits are up to the Storyteller [perhaps this could be use to trick someone into thinking that the Kindred can read there mind??].

[3] Past-Life: Due to their close relationship with time, the Caantalsay are able to contact there past lives in a way similar to the Garou. To contact one of their past lives a Caantalsay must roll Vendaal aginst a difficulty of 7, or 9 if contacting someone specific [Caantalsay are better used to zoning in on specific points in time than Garou]. The resulting number of successes is the number of dice a Caantalsay may add to his die pool for a particular skill he posses or does not or how accurate the informatio given is.

[4] Glimpse of Yesterday: This Discipline allows the user to gaze into the past, whether it be the past of a person, object, or place. In order to activate this power the Caantalsay must expend a blood point and make a Perception + Vendaal roll at a diffculty of 5 modified by how far ago they wish to peer.

       less than      1 year ago             -1
       less than      5 years ago             0
       from   5 to   20 years ago            +1
       from  21 to  100 years ago            +2
       from 100 to  500 years ago            +3
       from 501 to 1000 years ago            +4
       more than   1000 years ago            +5

In order for this to work the user must be holding the object, holding the person's hand, standing on the spot, or so forth. Of course have a chunk of masonry from a building could tell you about a places history. Optionally the number of success could influence how accurate the information is [fun for the ST if the PC botches].

[5] Tapping the Loom of Time: This power is a special form of Caantalsay divination. Unlike many other forms of divination this power if very precise, providing locations, names, and dates. The divination is a complex system of musical notes and tones and is performed through a stringed instrument. Traditional Caantalsay tend to lean towards violin's, harp's, and such while the more modern prefer electric guitars and other modern stringed instruments.

To activate this power the user expends a blood point and concentrates on his question. Then he rolls Manipulation + Vendaal at a difficuly of 8, the number of successes determines how detailed and accurate the outcome is. Question's must be exact and the future is not definite and may be changed. Of course the characters attempts to avoid the future could directly lead to the very events the are attempting to change. The Caantalsay is then guided by the very essence of time as his fingers play out the answer's to his questions. The tone, beat, and such of the music usually matchesthe outcome of the divination. Specifics can only be interpreted by Caantalsay.