The Gender Specific Discipline of BITCHERY

By Duff

"How to handle a woman?
There's a way said the wise old man...
A way known by every woman...
Since the whole rigmarole began...."
"King Arthur", Camelot

Bitchery is a female specific discipline; women of any clan may have and use it. Indeed, many men believe all women have some degree of it. There are six known levels of Bitchery, but the possibilities for greater powers are well- speculated on over brandy and cigars in some of the more exclusive men's clubs. In fact, it is possible that the powers that are known are not completely explored.

Men cannot learn this Discipline! Not homosexual men, not even Malkavian males who have a female personality. Some Tremere are of the opinion that this Discipline is based in the estrogen hormone possessed by living women and the transformation that takes place in the body during the Embrace.

When using Bitchery, a woman rolls whatever dice are indicated by the Attribute/Abilities combination, plus one die for each level of Bitchery the character has, regardless of what level they are using.

Example: Esmerelda has a 3 in Manipulation, a 2 in Empathy, and a total of three points in Bitchery; she can use the "Mother's Lullaby" power. Esmerelda is attempting to "Chatter" a Catiff neo-nazi who wants her to leave the scene of his hunt. Esmerelda can roll 3+2+3 = 8 dice. She rolls 3 Bitchery dice, regardless of the fact that she is only using the first power of Bitchery.

If a victim botches a saving throw, they must forgo the next opportunity to make one; i.e., if a woman uses Daddy's Girl (4th level) and the male in question botches his first saving throw (when he decides to pick flowers from the Princes private garden for "his lady") he cannot roll to save on his next action (climbing the fence to the garden) but must wait until the following action (picking the flowers). Notice that the actions are generalized; climbing the fence could also include evading dogs, ghouls, and pit-traps.

If a woman botches her bitchery roll, those around her will notice that... well... she's a bitch. Snide, crude, arrogant, stupid... whatever is appropriate. The Storyteller should roll one die to determine how many GAME SESSIONS this opinion will last. After that point, the characters will not "forget" she's a bitch; they'll just get used to it and move on.

* Chatter/AntiChatter This level actually has two sides; Chatter and Anti/Chatter. When using Chatter, a woman can engage her subject or subjects in idle conversation or vain argument for an entire scene, if she so chooses. The conversation will not be of a forced nature, but simply distracting to her victim/victims. Those using Chatter may choose a single victim or a group; those other than her chosen may become involved if they wish.

To use Chatter, a woman rolls Manipulation and Empathy (plus total Bitchery) against a difficulty of 6 against men, 7 against women. To avoid the affects of Chatter, victims must roll Will Power against a difficulty of 9 for men, 8 for women. There is no limit to the number of victims possible.

For an example of Chatter, see the example with Esmerelda above. The neo- nazi's Will Power is 2, and he fails his roll. He will now discuss Esmerelda's leaving till dawn, unless she stops first.

AntiChatter does not directly affect those surrounding the wielder. In some situations, the best response is no reaction at all. Anti-Chatter allows the wielder to appear struck dumb with shock, horror, or joy; whatever seems appropriate. Those surrounding the woman will then swear to the fact that events incapacitated her and she was clearly unable to act.

To use AntiChatter, a woman rolls Manipulation and Acting (plus total Bitchery) against a difficulty of 6 against men, 7 against women. To avoid the affects of AntiChatter, victims must roll Will Power against a difficulty of 9 for men, 8 for women. There is no limit to the number of victims possible.

For example: Esmerelda has a 3 in Manipulation and a 2 in Acting plus a total of 3 in Bitchery for a dice pool of 8. She needs to use AntiChatter, since the leader of her coterie has just attempted (and failed) to murder the Prince's Right Hand Man. There are five people present, but one is the leader who failed and is currently concerned with the blood spewing from his neck; he is in no condition to care.

Esmerelda rolls her 8 dice and gets 8 successes. The victims (4 men, 1 woman) roll Will Power dice pools of 3, 3, 2, 4, and 3, respectively. All victims fail their rolls, and are convinced that there was nothing Esmerelda could have done to stop the leader from his rash acts or warn the Prince's Right Hand Man.

Chatter is most useful for distracting guards, or holding up meetings; anything where the action must slow or stop for the coterie to succeed. Anti-Chatter is useful on a personal level. When caught by mortal security police while "borrowing" a powerful antique magic item, after the gun fire the police will swear she was as shocked as they! Obviously, there was nothing she could do!

** Under Your Skin This power allows a woman to affect a single victim or a larger crowd with a low-grade irritation. Nothing specific about the character will cause this - it's a combination of look,, speech, mannerism, stance, etc. The character will irritate those around her but her victims will tend to not blame her; instead they will tend to blame something (anything!) else.
Roll Charisma and Etiquette (plus total Bitchery). Difficulty is the victim's Self-Control and the victim may roll Self-Control to avoid the affects. Difficulty to avoid is 9 for men, 8 for women. If the affect is avoided, the victim(s) will simply not be annoyed; they will not see what is annoying the others. There is no limit to the number of victims possible.

For example: Varna needs to rattle the growing alliance between her fellow coterie members; her plans rest on their trust of her in the face of their distrust for each other. At odd moments, during the lulls of an evening, she uses Under Your Skin whenever she is with two or more of the coterie.

Angus and Michael join her to scope out new hunting grounds. While in the car, Varna rolls Charisma (4) and Etiquette (3) plus total Bitchery (3) = 10 dice for 7 successes. Angus and Michael start bickering, and later report to Varna that the other is an insensitive, aggravating oaf who couldn't feed himself with both hands and a straw. Under Your Skin is a difficult power to use; how often do we want to irritate people? Well, what about starting a riot? As a distraction, that's tough to beat. If you have occasion to suspect your coterie is less than thrilled with your actions or plans, you might want to start them fighting amongst themselves. Under Your Skin could do it...

*** Mother's Lullaby When a woman uses this power, her chosen victim(s) will simply calm down. Through a combination of look, speech, mannerism, stance, etc, the character can soothe a person or a crowd, although the subjects may not be sure what's happening or why they are less aggravated.
To use Mother's Lullaby roll Charisma and Empathy (plus total Bitchery). Difficulty is the victim(s) Self Control and the victim may roll Self Control (9 for men, 8 for women) to avoid the affects of Mother's Lullaby. There is no limit to the number of victims possible.

For example: Angus and Michael's antagonism has turned to public abuse, and Varna needs to soothe their tempers before they break the Masquerade. She rolls Charisma (4) and Empathy (3) plus total Bitchery (3) = 10 dice for 6 successes. Angus and Michael quiet down and later reflect separately to Varna that the other isn't really such a bad guy; it's just that with all the stress they've been under, well...

Mother's Lullaby is an obviously useful power, especially when used in conjunction with Under Your Skin. While a riot may be a useful distraction, it can also be an angry mob out for your blood. Mother's Lullaby can also affect those snap decisions of a Justicar or Prince.

**** Daddy's Girl This is a tricky, insidious power that allows a woman to influence the actions of a single male on a specific course of action. The wielder of this power doesn't necessarily have to verbalize her wishes; the man will simply have a growing certainty as to how he should proceed. Those around the male so influenced might not understand why the subject is behaving in this manner.
To use this power, a woman rolls Manipulation and Empathy (plus total Bitchery). The difficulty is rated against the action desired; Killing the Prince would rate a difficulty 10, while Rolling a Bum for Change would rate a difficulty 3. The victim can make a saving roll - if the male makes 3 successes or more rolling Perception only against a difficulty of 8 everytime he acts towards the woman's goal. The male is at -2 dice if he is romantically involved or living with (in any capacity, such as Sire or Childe) the woman.

For example: Natasha needs to convince Michael to help her "hit" drug dealers, with Natasha keeping all the proceeds. Since Michael has been staying in the same haven as Natasha, he is already at -2 dice from his Perception score of 4. Natasha rolls Manipulation (4) and Empathy (3) plus total Bitchery (5) giving her a pool of 12 for 9 successes. Michael rolls his 2 dice in Perception (4 at -2 = 2) before he purchases the weapons required to take out a powerful drug lord (controlled by who knows whom?) and makes 1 success against difficulty 8. Michael must wait until he and Natasha work out a plan to hit the drug lords before he can try again.

This power is potent indeed. Depending on the male victim, stealing the crown jewels might rate a difficulty 9, or as low as 6. Men will not endanger themselves directly, but might arrange for others (such as those referred to as "friends") to enter into danger for the sake of the lady's desire.

***** Helen's Face The name of this power is an allusion to Helen of Troy; when using this a woman can, without verbalizing her desires, influence a group of men. There is no limit to the number of men she can influence, save that she cannot affect more men than she has dice to roll. Unaffected men in the area might wonder why this group of men seem so bent on accomplishing a particular mission.
Roll Manipulation and Subterfuge (plus total Bitchery). The saving throw is Perception against 8 every time a member of the group or the group as a whole acts to achieve the woman's mission. Each individual must make his own "escape" from Helen's Face, but each man who does escape can give his dice to other men making the saving throw.

For example: Michael, Angus and Winslow have been trapped by Helen's Face, used by Natasha. Natasha had Manipulation 3, Subterfuge 2 and a total Bitchery pool of 5 (the minimum for those using Helen's Face) for a total of 10 dice. She had 7 successes.

Michael makes a stunning roll with his 3 dice in Perception, making a total of 8 successes to free himself from Natasha's plans. Michael watches as Angus and Winslow continue to plan the theft of the Star of Africa Diamond from the State Museum, which will surely please that nice Natasha lady.

Angus and Winslow arrive to stake out the Museum; they have taken action and can make another saving throw. Michael gives two dice to Angus (Perception 2) making his total pool 4, and one die to Winslow (Perception 4) making Winslow's total pool 5.

Angus fails but does not botch his roll. Winslow succeeds and begins to wonder why he's in a tree across from the State Museum.
Angus continues to plan and eventually purchases the equipment necessary; another chance to save. Winslow and Michael give all their dice to Angus, giving him a pool of 9 dice! Angus makes his 8 successes and all the men give up the plan to steal the Star of Africa. Natasha must look elsewhere for amusement.

****** World Woman's Web The prospect of this power usually terrifies men. To use this power, two or more women must make eye contact while in the same room (line of sight is ok). For the remainder of that scene, these two women will be able to work in smooth concert with each other. If more than two women are present, each must make contact with each of the others; "A" must look to "B" and to "C" if contact with both is desired. This is not telepathy or dominate or anything like it; women don't know what the others are thinking and cannot send instruction to each other - they simply work together as though sharing the same mind.
There is no need to roll to activate this power, but all women involved must have this power; those who have mastered only the 1st - 5th levels of Bitchery will be left out. There is no saving throw involved.

For example: Conan has been gravely injured and Natasha and Betty are trying to keep him from Frenzy. The two women make eye contact and without further adeu or discussion, Natasha Dominates Conan while Betty locks the door from the inside.

The WWW is a power that has baffled and confused men for centuries. It can be used in violent situations; such as, choosing different targets in battle to avoid duplicate efforts. Most of the time, however, it is simply a form of communion with other women that leaves men completely in the dark.

The Discipline of Bitchery is not to be toyed with; it is a powerful and not completely understood force. Male scholars from all Clans are beginning to realize only recently how Bitchery has been used in the past to affect the minds of men and promote an insidious agenda of female desires. Fortunately for those of the male gender, scientists are beginning to find hints of a male-gender specific Proto- Discipline. Large quantities of cheap beer, stale snack food, and stacks of pre- recorded, violent professional sports are being amassed to assist in the study of ... the Discipline of Piggery.

The Discipline of Bitchery Copyright Duff 1995

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