by Robert Kirkpatrick

It is unknown how the Unseelie Discipline came about or was developed. Only Lycaon himself is said to know for sure. Some say it is a clever mix of Fae and Vampire Blood, and others say that elaborate rituals and magics help to create this fusion. Even others whisper that Lycaons may not be true Vampires at all, but are instead the elaborate forgeries of the Unseelie Faeries.

The Unseelie ability essentially mimics the Faeries' ability to warp time and space.

[1] Dark Fae Blood: The character now has permanent Unseelie Faerie Blood. Any blood taken into the character's system is immediately converted over to this type of blood. This Unseelie Blood is necessary for the other levels of Unseelie to be used, since these abilities come about as a result of the new Blood itself.

Disciplines like Taste of Blood will detect the changed blood in the Vampire quite easily, while still letting the observer know that the character is still a Vampire. Aura Perception will show the character as being a vampire, but the colors will swirl and flitter about in random patterns.

Anyone who drinks the blood of the character is in for a real shock. Drinking the blood can totally transform the drinker into something else. The chart below tells what exactly will happen to the drinker depending on the amount of blood drank. The effects last for 5 hours.

	1 blood point   -   Mild Hallucinations
	2 blood points  -   Severe Hallucinations
	3 blood points  -   Minor Transformation of the Flesh
		 	    (i.e., growing horns, or a trunk,
			     or sprouting fur, or long ears, etc.)
	4 blood points  -   Major Body Part Transformed (i.e.,
			    head turns into a donkey, or feet turn
			    into duck feet, or arms become snakes,
			    or chest grows an eye, a nose, and a
			    a mouth, and starts talking, etc.)
	5 blood points  -   Total Transformation (i.e., turns into
			    a frog, billy-goat, or beach ball, etc.)
	Per each additional blood point after 5, add on an extra hour 
	that the effects last.

The drinker can choose to roll Stamina + Fortitude with a difficulty of 8. For every success made, the number of hours is reduced by 1. If brought to 0, the character only has a mild headache. If brought below 0, character experiences nothing.

The Dark Fae Blood still has these same effects even after it's been exposed to air. It has a base 5 hours to evaporate. If anyone touches it, they could have the effects listed above, depending on the amount touched or swallowed. The blood of the Lycaons are much sought after by Mages for this very reason. Imagine forcing someone to swim in pool of it, or drinking a large bowl of it. Remember: the base will increase for every point of blood above 5. A pool of this would take a while to evaporate. Of course, each hour, the potency would decrease by one.

[2] The Blink of an Eye: This level allows the character to teleport for very short distances. The character rolls Perception + Scan versus a difficulty on the number of feet he will be teleporting. Add +1 to the difficulty if the character wishes to change his facing. Add +2 if the character wants to teleport to a place he can not see, like behind a wall (and no dice for Scan is allowed in this case). For every point that the character succeeds, the opponent loses 1 die for every success, due to surprise. (The opponent can spend a willpower point to resist this effect, IF and ONLY IF they have seen the ability in use before and are expecting it.)

The character simply disappears and reappears in the place where he aimed for. The time is instantaneous.

This ability costs the character 3 blood points per use. If the character wishes to blink behind a wall or a curtain, or any partition, he must spend an additional blood point.

If the character fails his attempt, he doesn't teleport anywhere and loses a Willpower point. If the character botches, he also doesn't teleport anywhere, but loses an additional blood point per botch. If the teleport will cause the character to appear in a place occupied by another object, the attempt automatically fails, and the character must spend another blood point, as well as another Willpower point.

[3] In a Puff of Smoke: This level allows the character to teleport over extremely long areas. The character literally disappears in a small, barely audible puff of green smoke. Where the character reappears, he is usually seen surrounded by a green smoke as well. (The smoke dissipitates in a turn.)

The character rolls Perception + Dodge with the difficulty determined by how familiar they are with an area. 4 is for a haven, 6 is for a favorite hunting ground, 8 is for a place the character sometimes frequents, and 10 is for someplace the character may have been once (or has seen a picture of). The Storyteller may require the character to roll Intelligence + (any appro- priate Knowledge) to see how well the character remembers the place; the difficulty would be based on the number of days since the character has been there.

Note: the character can not teleport to anyplace he is not even remotely aware of. For instance, a Lycaon by the name of Magpi wants to to teleport in a Puff of Smoke to an alleyway behind Joe's Bar. He has been to Joe's Bar but he has never taken a look or been in the alley. The Storyteller does not allow him to teleport there. Magpi could still use his Blink of an Eye ability to pop in there, but only if he were close enough.

In a Puff of Smoke is not instantaneous like Blink of an Eye, although it's not really that noticeable a difference. It automatically takes 10 turns to reach ANY destination. Range is unlimited, as long it's on the current planet's/dimension's/plane's/whatever's surface. Each success reduces the number of turns by one.

The cost of this ability is 5 blood points per use. If the character fails his roll, the character goes no where and spends a Willpower point as well. If a character botches his roll, he will disappear in a puff of a smoke, but it's will appear in some strange, unpredictable time and space. There is also a chance that upon botching, that the character may be attacked by some horrible monster that lives as a part of the Space/Time Continuum. No character has been known to survive such an encounter.

If the place the character is teleporting to has an object there (for example, the character's haven is filled in with concrete), then the character goes no where and must spend an additional 3 blood points and an additional Willpower point. This ability has been known to put Vampires into Torpor upon failing in using it.

[4] Inanimate Travel: The Vampire now can teleport inanimate objects short distances by just touching them. They blink out and reappear elsewhere. The difficulty, the costs, and the rolls are the same as Level Two, but additional Willpower points must be spent based on the size of the object:

	0 Willpower points - Object can fit in the palm of a hand
	1 Willpower point  - Object about the size of a hand to shoe-
			     box size
	2 Willpower points - Small monitor size to a large recliner/
			     loveseat size
	3 Willpower points - Couch size to large conference table
	4 Willpower points - Small car to small truck size
	5 Willpower points - Large car to long stretch limo with a
			     a small sauna in the back trunk
	6 Willpower points - The tractor of a Mac truck
	7 Willpower points - The trailer of a Mac truck
	8 Willpower points - A trailer home
	9 Willpower points - A regular, average-sized home
	10 Willpower points - A large house

A favorite tactic of those using this ability is to teleport something large just over their enemy's head.

At this level, the object can not be transported to where any other object is at, regardless of the size of either object. If the character tries, the object goes nowhere, and the character loses 5 blood points in the attempt.

[5] Painful Infusion: At this level of ability, the Vampire can now teleport objects into other objects, including living (or unliving) beings. He has, in a sense, fused the objects with the objects teleported into. The intitial costs for this ability is the same as Inanimate Travel, including the Willpower costs based on size. The target roll is the same for The Blink of the Eye.

However, the target of this attack can choose to roll to dodge if and only if - they know or have seen what kind of an attack it is. If so, they can roll Perception + Dodge, with the difficulty being the number of dice the attacker - rolled to hit with. Each success gets rid of one attacker's success.

Damage for the attack is based on the number of Willpower points spent in teleporting the object. The Vampire can spend more Willpower than the minimum in order to cause more damage. Each Willpower point is one point of severe aggravated damage and cannot be soaked, unless the victim has Fortitude. The number of dodge successes made at in to the amount of Fortitude dice. A Fortitude roll versus a difficulty of 8 is required. Each success reduces the damage by one level.

(Fusing an object that is small enough to fit in your palm costs 0 Willpower, as stated in the Level 4 chart. However, unless more Willpower is spent, the object does no damage except superficial, and can be easily torn free from the skin. Thus, a ring teleported this way would have a most of it just hanging from a bit of skin.)

No matter what, if the attack hits (after the Dodge attempt), the object is partially fused with the victim, even if the victim soaks all the Damage. The object (with the fused flesh) must be ripped out before the victim can try to heal the damage with blood or regeneration. This could cause further damage, based on the severity of the fusion. The fusion can be cleaned out by use of Purity of the Body ritual, or anything similar.

If two none living objects are fused, they both become useless or destroyed. There are no known ways to defuse two non-living objects once they are joined.

Fusion looks really gross and painful, and this should be emphasized by the Storyteller.

[6] Thief of the Eye: The vampire no longer has to touch an nonliving object to teleport it when using Level 4 and Level 5. He must merely look at it. This tends to surprise almost everybody attacked with it (who thus can't try to dodge), unless they somehow manage to know what's happening.

[6] Blood of my Blood: Similar to the Quietus Discipline Level 5, the Vampire can now spit his Dark Fae Blood at opponents. The character must choose whatever effect he wants, but must spend the minimum blood points for it (i.e., hallucinations are 1 blood point, while Total Transformation is 5). The base number of hours is still 5. The character can spend an additional blood point to increase that base by one.

To hit the intended victim, the Vampire must roll Dexterity + Athletics at a difficulty based on the range. The victim can still dodge, and still roll Stamina + Fortitude (versus 8) to resist the effects.

The Dark Fae Blood still requires the same amount of time to dissolve as listed in Level One of this Discipline.

[7] Remove my Enemy: With but a touch, the Vampire can now teleport away others in a puff of smoke. The restrictions to where the Vampire can teleport is the same as In a Puff of Smoke.

The Vampire must first hit the character in a Brawl attempt (but not to do damage). This simulates a light touch, like a finger or the palm placed on the victim. The Vampire must then roll as if using the Level 3 Discipline, except the base roll is Perception + Brawl.

The victim can resist by rolling Willpower at a difficulty of 7. Each success takes away a success of the attacker. Note: it only takes one success to teleport someone away.

The character must still pay the same amount of blood and willpower for any failed attempts. The base costs of using this is 3 blood points per person being teleported, including the user of Unseelie.

The Vampire cannot teleport a victim where another object lies, and also cannot teleport a victim underwater (or else severe fusion may occur). He could, however, transport a victim hundreds of feet into the air, but only if he's been there before. Such an attempt is usually difficulty 8 or 9, unless it's near a haven or frequented place. Since most Vampires of this level can fly and can get familiar with certain high in the air places, this can prove to be a VERY nasty ability.

It still takes a base chance of 10 turns for the victim to reach his destination, since he's still flying through a pipe in the Space/Time Continuum. There could be a chance that the victim may be picked off by one of those monsters.

If a severe botch occurs using this ability, the victim goes nowhere, but a portal will open up nearby. This portal only opens for a brief second, just enough to have those monsters to come in. They always hunt down the person who was messing with the Space/Time Continuum and goes after them first. They will only leave once that person is killed. The Storyteller should feel free to make up any sort of monster he wishes with any sort of abilities (very tough these guys are).

(Garou say that these beasts are Weaver spirits protecting the law and order and balance of Time and Space. Others say they have their own realm and Time and Space is but one of their domains. All agree that will not hesitate to kill anyone who tries to manipulate it as bluntly as the Lycaons do.)

(This was written before Mage, but it can still incorporate some of Mage's ideas. The creatures could be nothing more than Paradox Spirits. In fact, this would probably work best.)

[7] In the Blood: The vampire no longer has to spend blood when using any Unseelie Discipline levels 1-5. The ability is now a part of the Vampire's inner nature. Blood must still be spent for any botches or failures.

[7] Exit Stage Left: The character can use In a Puff of Smoke for himself and anyone within eyesight of him. The character rolls Perception + Dodge against the familiarity of the place; and if he succeeds, everyone disappears in a puff of green smoke, and reappears wherever the character himself reappears.

If one of those people does not want to be teleported, she can roll her Willpower against a difficulty of 6. Each success gets rid of one of the character's success. If the person manages to resist being teleported, it does not cost the character anything as punishment.

This ability can only be used with the character's friends and not against enemies. If in doubt of a character's friendship, then that person can't be teleported. This ability has to do with presence of mind and empathy with another person, more than anything else.

If a failure roll is made, then everyone teleported must spend a point of blood and a Willpower point. Like all the other abilities, they don't go anywhere. On a botch, they are likely to summon one of the guardian monsters of the Space/Time Continuum - one for each.

Some Gangrel tell stories of a pack of Lycaons that were torn apart by hands that appeared out of "a hole in the universe".

[7] Rewind the Clock: At this level of ability, the Vampire can actually reverse the flow of time for a short instant.

The Vampire must spend five blood points, but when he does, he can move time back to his previous action turn. Thus, he can ignore any damage or stupid move he made after that action turn. To all observers, the actions that did occur no longer exist in their minds. Thus, the Vampire can see what his opponents will do, and then back up time, to be prepared for it.

At this level of ability, the Vampire can be dangerous in battle. They ignore any damage, by making it never happen. Once they reverse time to their previous action turn, they can always choose a different tactic.

[8] Escape Death's Grasp: With this level of ability, the character has the option to alter Time, to the degree that he can escape Death. When a character is killed, he needs to roll Stamina + Survival at a difficulty of 10. One success is all that is necessary. The character will then reappear elsewhere, as he has broken the Space/Time Continuum. In essence, he has gone back enough in time not to have entered the combat that killed him.

Everyone will remember the character's death, but will be utterly surprised that he is suddenly alive the next day.

[8] Master of Space: At this level of ability, the Vampire can now appear anywhere in the world with just the expenditure of a Willpower point. If the Vampire is incredibly familiar with a place, no Willpower point needs to be spent.

	* These next two abilities are not suppose to exist 
	* according to most Gangrels.  They know of no Lycaon 
	* that has reached this level, but with these abilities,
	* it would be easy for them to hide.

[9] Crush the Clock: The character can now actually freeze time. Only the character will not be affected by the time freeze. Everyone else will be in stasis, frozen like statues in their present action.

The character must spend a blood point for every minute he freezes time. But during that time, he can manipulate any object he wishes. However, every living (or undead) object that the character touches (or effects in any way, like shooting them with a gun, hitting them with a pole) will become unfrozen in time. So one must be careful what one touches. However, this discipline does give you first shot at a target.

If a character wants to take something off a target (like a ring or a sword or a hat), it is possible to take it without awakening the victim from being stasis. The character needs to roll Dexterity + Pickpocket at a difficulty of 9. One success is all that's required. A failure means that that object can't be taken without waking the target. A botch means the target is awakened.

All Rank 5 Garou and all 4th Generation or older Vampires are immune to this ability. Living in a magical, mystical place will also transfer immunity, including living or being at a Caern. (Leaving the Caern after the Vampire starts spending blood will keep the immunity going. In order to recapture the person in frozen time, the Vampire must restart time and stop it again.) Also, certain mystical items, and mystical centers, and high enough mystical knowledge (for Mages) will provide immunity (a Master Level in any Sphere will do it).

[9] Eye of Banishment: At this level, the Vampire now has the ability to teleport anyone away, based solely upon looking at them. With the expenditure of one Willpower point per person, and a single success on a Perception + Alertness roll versus a difficulty 10, the character can cause anyone to disappear anywhere in the world he wishes.

Victims have a chance to save. They must roll Wits + Survival versus a difficulty of 10 and get more successes than the vampire. Even if the attempt fails, one Willpower is spent. If the attempt succeeds, 5 Willpower (Blood if no Willpower left) is automatically spent resisting such a powerful discipline. Garou of 6th rank and 3rd generation Vampires do not lose such points.

[10] Lord of the Continuum: This is the level of ability that Lycaon is rumored to possess. It is obvious that Lycaon is not naturally 3rd generation, but that he managed to get this generation through fradulent means (diablerie, magick, faerie magic, etc). Diablerie is the most unlikely way.

This ability is similar to the double form ability of Protean, but MUCH more powerful.

This level allows the character to have near-exact duplicates of himself running around at the same time. However, each duplicate can exist in any time period or anyplace on the earth. In that particular place they must stay once situated, because no duplicate can gain Level 10 of this discipline. Besides that weakness, the duplicates have the exact stats of their creator. All duplicates share a mental bond, and the creator knows when one has died, and where, and when. No duplicate will rebel against another.

The maximum amount of duplicates to exist at one time is equal to the character's Willpower.

The only problem is that the duplicates are often hunted down by the guardians of the Space/Time Continuum, as they do not like such manipulations of time and space to occur. The guardians have been known to force other vampires (the players) into helping them track down anyone using this power.

The surest way to get these creatures after you is to have two duplicates existing in the same area of time. This creates a paradox that the guardians home in on. Any duplicate killed by a guardian or the actions of a guardian can not be remade. Usually the guardians will first try to get information from the duplicate. This info is usually when the character reached this level of power. Then the guardians will kill the duplicate, go back in time to kill the character before they gain this level of ability.

This "Guardian" Business: There is no official name or specific stats for this group. When I originally thought them up, I had an idea that they would take the form of some being in that current time and space frame. This form can be killed like any normal character, but the guardians can manipulate time enough to change that occurence. I suppose, if you have Mage, they could represent one of the Mage's spheres of thought. But I chose to make them ambiguous so that they could fit in any type of campaign. You could, if you hate the idea altogether, cut them from the Unseelie discipline and give the Lycaons some other punishment for severe botches.

No matter what you decide for their origins, very few people know about them. Only the ones that are ancient enough in power to be unaffected by their time/space manipulations. Almost all Lycaons are completely ignorant of them. The Unseelie, however, may know of them, but if so, they are incredibly tight- lipped about it - even to their allies.

Perhaps, these things are nothing more than Paradox Spirits from Mage. I haven't really thought about considering the fact that I created these yokels before Mage came out. Perhaps, the Unseelie discipline is more like a Rote than an actual Vampiric Discipline, and is thus affected by a slight (but deadly) form of Paradox. Just a thought.