World of Darkness Time Line

I got this document from a website...but I really can't recall which. Probably Louis Granboulan's. Anyway, I think it's cool and I hope the creators don't mind me spreading their work. Especially the ancient history bit is fun...Beats me how they did it though. Must have been one hell of alot of work, checking all the sourcebooks for dates. Well, all the more glory to them!

From an idea by Capt'n Quaalude (3 Feb 94) and using some information given by (8 Jun 95).

List of the codes used in the references.

[VtM2] : Vampire: the Masquerade II (WW 2002)
[D-Mex] : Awakening: Diablerie Mexico (WW 2005)
[Cb-B] : Clanbook: Brujah (WW 2051)
[Cb-G] : Clanbook: Gangrel (WW 2052)
[Cb-M] : Clanbook: Malkavian (WW 2053)
[Cb-N] : Clanbook: Nosferatu (WW 2054)
[PGS] : The Player's Guide to the Sabbat (WW 2055)
[Cb-To] : Clanbook: Toreador (WW 2056)
[Cb-Tr] : Clanbook: Tremere (WW 2057)
[CbN] : Chicago by Night
[CbN2] : Chicago by Night II (WW 2203)
[HH] : The Hunters Hunted (WW 2205)
[PG2] : The Player's Guide, 2nd ed. (WW 2206)
[Anar] : The Anarch Cookbook (WW 2207)
[LAbN] : Los Angeles by Night (WW 2210)
[DC] : Dark Colony (WW 2212)
[BbN] : Berlin by Night (WW 2214)
[NObN] : New Orleans by Night
[BldH] : Bloody Hearts: Diablerie Britain
[WoD] : A World of Darkness (WW 2220)
[Mummy] : A World of Darkness: Mummy (WW 2221)
[KmW] : The Kindred Most Wanted (WW 2230)
[CotI] : Who's Who among Vampires: The Children of the Inquisition (WW 2250)
[SHS] : Storyteller's Handbook to the Sabbat
[UBRM] : Under a Blood Red Moon (WW 3102)
[DAV] : Dark Alliance Vancouver (WW 3103)
[RAR] : Rage Across Russia (WW 3105)
[CF] : The Chaos Factor