by Rasmus Hansson (5 Apr 94)

This is a less practiced form of magic only known to very few Kindred. Since most of the magic is called Blood Magic, the magicians who use this power are considered traitors and weak-spirited. Telergi is a form of magic which draws on the mystical powers around the magician in order to shape the world to his or her wishes. The magician draws from principles of power, earthbound power, timefluxes and a lot of other powers in order to enforce his own magic. Not only does this power give the magician access to several powers, but also to a multitude of Paths. These are described later.

[1] Earthforce: You can draw from the primal power and strength to make yourself more powerful. The primal strength of the earth is not finely attuned with the Kindred or the humans and drawing on it may result in serious damage. If successful, however, the power of the earth rushes through you, refreshing you and granting you new strength.

System: The player must roll Wits + Occult with a difficulty of 6 in order to invoke this power. When invoked, the power will cause 1T10 levels of damage which are soaked with Stamina + Fortitude with a difficulty of 5 or with Wits + Fortitude with a difficulty of 4. After that the player may raise any physical attribute with the number of successes rolled in the initial roll, as if he spent that many Blood Points to boost them. The effect of this lasts for one hour per success of the initial roll.

[2] Windleap: This power grants the magician the power to take huge, supernatural leaps, change direction in midair and almost fly. If the magician is potent enough, he may actually achieve flight.

System: The player rolls Willpower + Self-control with a difficulty of 6 in order to determine how many successes he gets. He may then leap 4 feat up per success or 8 feet across per success. If more than three of the dice are 8 or above, the magician has reached full flight and may continue to fly for a period equal to his current Willpower minutes.

[3] Strike of the Wind: You are capable of concentrating enough energy for you to solidify air held in your hands and then throw this ball of air at someone. The air will explode on impact and cause grave damage. It takes one full round of concentration in order to solidify the air.

System: The player roll Wits + Athletics with a difficulty of 6 in order to solidify and hold the air. To throw it, use Dexterity + Athletics with normal firefight difficulties. The range is the magicians Strength*4 meters and the damage is equal to the magicians rating in Telergi + any extra successes with the 'to hit'-roll, the same as with firearms. The wound is not aggravated.

[4] Peace: This power grants the user shelter from two things; physical attacks and the Beast. When this power is used, the number of successes used for the shelter indicated the number of extra dice the user may use when attempting to soak any physical damage which is not caused by sun, heat, or flames. The number of successes also indicated how much lower the difficulty to resist frenzy is during the duration.

System: The player rolls Stamina + Self-control with a difficulty of 5. The successes may be 'spent' on either the shelter against physical attacks, the shelter against the Beast, or one more hour of duration. The power has a base- duration of one hour.

[5] Scorching Grasp: You can with the use of this power heat your hands to several hundred degrees and may burn anything you touch. Flammable items will be set on fire, which is not good for a vampire, but also, and more importantly, you can cause aggravated wounds when you brawl. All strikes a vampire or other undead receive from your hands are classed as aggravated.

System: The player rolls Stamina + Occult with a difficulty of 6 to use this power. It also costs one Blood Point or Willpower Point per every four turns it is used.


Telergi has three paths like Thaumaturgy, The Investment of Power, Watercontrol and Axes of Light. They work exactly like the Paths of the Thaumaturgy, both what learning and use is concerned.

Investment of Power

This power allows the magician to place some of his or her own strength in a mortal. This normally results in the death of the 'receiver' but with this power the transfer is completely safe. The roll for this power is made with Stamina + Occult. The number of successes indicates how many dots the magician may move from himself to the 'receiver'. They are transferred and the magician will be quite weak until the duration runs out. If the 'receiver' is killed during the duration, the dots are forever lost. The duration in hours is the level of the magicians Telergi.

Successes Dots you may move
1 3 dots
2 5 dots
3 7 dots
4 10 dots
5 12 dots
The power can also be used to keep someone 'locked' at If 1, 2 or 3 successes are rolled, only dots from Attributes and Abilities may be transferred. If more successes are rolled, the transfer may also include disciplines and virtues. The transfer is direct, that is, a dot from strength goes to strength, dodge to dodge and so on. The magician must see the 'receiver' in order for it to work.


This power is a bond to the ocean and all open water. It grants control over the sea and over any mass of water bigger than a few hundred liters. A swimmingpool is a mass of water to a user of this power, something that may prove hazardous to his or her foes. To use this power the magician rolls Manipulation + Survival. The number of successes determine how much can be done with the water, and what the damage might be.

Successes Size of the wave
1 Small waves
2 Bigger waves (dam 1)
3 Stormwaves (dam 2)
4 Tidelwave (dam 3)
5 Huge wave (dam 4)
The power can also be used to keep someone 'locked' at the bottom of a body of water. This takes 3 successes and is very unhealthy for a normal mortal.

The Axes of Light

This path is an offensive one, used only to damage other magicians and weaken the mind of ones opponents. The roll used for this power is Wits + Melee and the number of successes is the number of points of Willpower the target looses. To hit, use Dex + Melee with normal firearms- difficulties. The range is the magicians Strength*4 meter. Willpower lost in this way is regained as if spent any other way.

Successes Points
1 2
2 4
3 6
4 8
5 10

Taken from Rasmus Hansson's pages.