From: To: Date: Mon, 15 Feb 1993 22:43:05 EST I've designed a new clan, & thought some of you might be interested in it, so here you go: The Sidhe Originated somewhere in the British Isles, the Sidhe are a clan exclusively comprised of female vampires. Excruciatingly beautiful ones, usually. They are clever, shrewd manipulators, and are very talented at gaining power through the use of others. Founded by Siobahn, a fifth generation Caitiff by origin, the clan maintains a "harmless" front, while working machinations devious enough to be worthy of any rival clans' loftiest schemes. This is a rarely proven but often discussed fact. This, combined with the Sidhe's rule of feeding only on men, but embracing only women, has created some amount of enmity for them among the Tremere in general, and, specifically, all traditionalistic male vampires. BACKGROUND: All members of the Sidhe are women. Most of them must have displayed some manipulative skills in life to have been noticed by their sires, and all but an incredibly small minority are disarmingly attractive. They are generally of an upper class origin. DISCIPLINES: Dominate, Presence, Auspex WEAKNESSES: All feeding is restricted to males. Any member of the Sidhe who feeds freely on or kills women is punished, and sometimes even ostracized or ejected from the clan if the offense continues. The Sidhe are very tightly knit, with a "family" atmosphere, and are very often willing to go to great lengths to help one another out. They always have a hidden agenda, and never reveal their true motives to clan outsiders. They act like Toreadors, but they think like Ravnos. They are perhaps the most successfully devious vampire clan in existence, not because of their rate of achievement, but more aptly because of their tendency to escape all blame for their actions. Clan Prestige is gained when an individual helps to gain power for the Sidhe in any area. There are no official other ways to gain status within the clan, although most members are very vain, and do put some emphasis on beauty. If a member of the clan becomes ugly for any reason, they are treated with less respect, because they have lost what is considered to be their clan's greatest weapon. The clan has petitioned for acceptance into the Camarilla, seeking the relative safety that lies within it's folds, and are meeting only some resistance. They have strong footholds of support among the Toreador, Brujah, and Ventrue. CLAN STEREOTYPES 1) What others think of them: BRUJAH: They might seem pretty frail, but there's some nasty-ass chicks in that crew. GANGREL: They speak well, but can we trust their actions? MALKAVIAN: They're stupid. If they get just a little scar, suddenly it's like final death or something. NOSFERATU: It is difficult to respect ones who put so much emphasis on outward appearances TOREADOR: They are appreciators of beauty, like ourselves. TREMERE: The Sidhe are a bunch of troublemakers. Admitting them to the Camarilla would be a monumental error. VENTRUE: Their strategies and sensibilities are suprisingly shrewd. Their membership would be an asset. 2) What they think BRUJAH: Slow and stupid, these punks are generally only good enough to take our shots for us. They are very useful GANGREL: They are a likable folk. MALKAVIAN: Freaks and crazies. Ignore them. NOSFERATU: They may be disgusting, but they're very clever. Avoid them, but never forget what they can do. TOREADOR: A laugh. Easier to control than the Brujah. TREMERE: Our biggest problem within the Camarilla. VENTRUE: Not a bad bunch. We could get along with them.