by Paul Michael Graham

The Sons of Sam, or more appropriately titled, the "Sons of Samuel" are the most recent of bloodlines to appear in kindred society and have only been in existence since 1992.
The creation of the bloodline is directly attributed to the foul Samedi -Dr. Samuel Stankiewicz. Dr. Sam, as he became known, was a most wretched individual in appearance even by Samedi or Nosferatu standards. Large belloted maggots crawled through th e folds in his skin and a swarm of flies, which he commanded, hung about him at all times.
Although quite repulsive, Samuel was very intelligent and pursued his favorite pastime of thanatology, Necromancy, and the study of death. Although a doctor by name, Samuel had no actual medical training but learned a great deal through reading and e xperimentation. Being quite mad, he assumed the title of Doctor.
Samuel practiced his art at the expense of many mortal and kindred (un)lives until one day the mixture of medicine and discipline where combined to create Necrotomy. This foul discipline was then taught to each of Samuel's progeny who formed their own bloodline known now as "The Son's of Samuel".
Although still Samedi, Dr. Samuel Stankiewickz assumes the title as one of the bloodline and is currently it's leader. There are only a handful of "Samite's" that exist, but the "Good Doctor" is seeing to the creation of .


Appearance: Samites generally have no distinct appearance but do not share the foul visage of their bloodline creator. Most of the bloodline prefer dress associated with doctors.

Haven: Most members of the bloodline live in or near areas where they have access to medical facilities. In any case, most own modest homes and some even practice right out of their haven.

Background: Nearly all Semites have at least minimal medical or mortuary training. For a time all of the bloodline had such professions, but some of the newer members have come from other backgrounds; a practice shunned by Dr. Sam. There is little however he can do to stop this.

Character Creation: Primary attributes for Samites are nearly always Mental as are Knowledge Skills. Additionally, a rating of at least one pip in Medicine is recommended, but not necessary.
Natures and Demeanors often vary amongst the Samites, however, Deviants and Caregivers (in their own kind of way) are the most common. Their preferred Backgrounds include Resources and Retainers.

Clan Disciplines: Fortitude, Necrotomy, Thanatosis

Weakness: Although possessing the discipline Fortitude, Samites suffer from a form of vampiric osteoporosis that makes their bones brittle. As a result, all wound penalties that normal kindred suffer are moved up one on the health track. Therefore a Samite suffers the following dice penalties to injury: Bruised: -1, Hurt: -1, Injured: -2, Wounded: -2, Mauled: -5, Crippled: -5.

Organization: Samites are generally very busy and do not meet often, but occasionally they come together to discuss items of great importance or to show off their newest projects.

Gaining Clan Prestige: Only through practice and experimentation in one's art can a Son of Sam expect to gain clan prestige. Developing one's Disciplines can also bring about prestige.

Quote: "Thank you Jenine, please send in my next client..."


The Camarilla - Very few of these kindred even know we exist, but the ones who do stay away. But then again, we aren't looking to win any popularity contests. I wasn't sure what they where until I found out who their creator was. Don't let their appearance fool you, they are just as foul as Samuel.
-Timothy, Nosferatu of Chicago

The Sabbat - Cammarilla, Sabbat, what's the difference? Samedi kindred without the foul appearance and interesting...
- Donovan, Sabbat Priscus

The Inconnu - What is Inconnu? A fine example of the degenerate kindred society of today...when did it all go wrong?
- Marcus, 6th generation Gangrel

Samite Endowments

The following list of endowments are special rules, merits, and flaws that a Son of Sam character can use.


Sons of Sam may purchase the path of Biothaumiturgical Experimentation (Black Hand sourcebook) without the need to learn Thaumaturgy itself. This path comes naturally to Sons of Sam and may be bought at normal Path cost. However, no character may purc hase this Path at character creation.

Merits and Flaws

Note that while these Merits and Flaws have been created for use with the Sons of Sam bloodline, they may be used by other kindred with permission of the storyteller.

Regenerative Blood (7pt Merit)

This merit is extremely powerful in the hands of a vampire and should only be allowed with permission from the Storyteller. Kindred possessing this merit have blood that is highly regenerative and can be used to heal wounds without the need to use additional blood. The regeneration will heal one normal wound per round until the kindred has healed to the point of being undamag ed at which time the regeneration stops. Aggravated wounds are also affected by the regeneration and heal at twice the normal rate. To activate this merit, the kindred needs only to spend a single blood point.

Medically Inclined (3pt Merit)

Although possibly possessing actual medical knowledge, you have a knack for medicine and its application that has several effects. Characters that are Medically Inclined may discard and single one roll of 1 per gaming session when using the Medicine K nowledge. Additionally you know a great deal about the proper care for a mortal who have been fed from and gain a +2 bonus to difficulty when treating such a person.

Medical Ties (3pt Merit)

Either in your mortal or kindred life you actually practiced or new someone in the medical field. In any case, you have gained influence in the medical community and can receive large sums of blood, gain autopsy records, and other useful facets. Howev er, the more often your medical ties are used, the less potent they become.

Medical Facility (3-6pt Merit)

You own a part or are the head of a local medical facility. The magnitude of this facility can range from a small private practice (3 pts) to that of a large blood bank (6pts). The actual size and usefulness of the facility and point cost must be agreed upon by both the player the Storyteller.

Controlled Bloodflow (2pt Merit)

Kindred with this merit have a particular ability to control their bloodflow throughout their body when they sleep. This means that the kindred no longer needs to spend one point of to maintain himself while he sleeps. It also prevents the level two Thaumaturgy power Blood Rage.

Vampiric Bone Disease (3pt Flaw)

You posses a rare form of bone disease that makes your bones more fragile than most. As a result, you possess the identical Flaw as the one possessed by the Sons of Sam. Sons of Sam characters may not take this Flaw.

Supernatural Signature (2pt Flaw)

There is something about you that tends to separate you as a vampire from normal mortal; even more so than the typical kindred. As a result, all persons attempting to detect your presence either as a vampire, or a supernatural creature, gain a +1 bonu s to their difficulty to do so. Unlike the Flaw Eire Presence, you do not make people uncomfortable when around them, you are merely more susceptible to being discovered if being searched for.