Nickname: Rippers Masters of stealth and wild bringers of confusion and destruction, many have commented that the mere presence of a member of this small, tightly-knit bloodline is an omen of trouble to come. Much speculation abounds on the origin of the Children, but the most popularly accepted assumption involves an elder arising from an experimental embracing with combined Lasombra and Ravnos blood. Anyone with knowledge in the workings of vitae knows that this belief is false, but no one has ever come forth with a better story. Whether or not they know their own derivation is moot though, because this bunch isn't telling. What is obvious (infuriatingly so for the Sabbat Lasombra) is that they have full command of the discipline of Obtenebration, so their roots are considered to be intermingled with the Sabbat leaders. As a defect passed along in the embrace, the Razor Children are unable to heal wounds with their saliva. Because of this, their greatest curse, their only recourse in the interest of secrecy and security is to inflict the necessary wounds for feeding with mundane weaponry, usually knives (although some have been known to utilise hypodermic needles). Since the curse is not widely known, the image most Kindred have of the Razor Children is that of merciless, inhuman sadists. Their habits are considered to be at best disgusting and at worst a threat to all Kindred. Many members of the bloodline, overcome by guilt, tend to lean one of two ways. Either they become strict farmers and bankers, never feeding directly on human blood, or they take on an "avenging angel" persona, feeding on and slaying only those they believe are hurtful to others and deserve punishment. A rather treasured item for the Razor Children is a small vial of Kindred saliva. They never say why they want it, but often times they can be found performing small services for it. Seeing as many mysterious rumors exist about the Children, though, most Kindred are far too paranoid to endorse such activity. Any vampire who attempts to take advantage of this dealing should be wary, though. The Razor Children have a distinct hatred for those who would patronize or use them, and they will not hesitate to lash out if they begin to believe this is the case. In a way, the most prominent agenda of the Razor Children seems to be a direct "clean-up" or "cover-up" crew in emergency masquerade situations. They do the dirty work. Sometimes it entails hunting down and helping a witch-hunter to "disappear", sometimes it may require slaughtering all the inhabitants of a household. In the past, they have even been called upon to issue a physical "warning" to Kindred who are not careful enough. They have no qualms about being asked to kill, and their terror tactics are so well executed, they rarely have to ask anyone to watch their step twice. Rare is the individual who witnesses them swarming through an area, destroying all who might jeopardize the masquerade, and still does not fear their force. Note that the Children do seem to have a secondary agenda of their own, and that seems to affect their decisions when asked to embark on such a "clean-up" mission. Sometimes they seem to have no reason to refuse, and yet still do. There are some who disagree violently with their methods, arguing that the brutality of the Children can only be hidden with many times more blood than was originally spilled. These individuals claim that the Children are just violence addicts, and work to satisfy their own urges, nothing more. More often than not, these opinions are never heard in anything but whispers. Appearance: The Razor Children are almost always relatively young when embraced, rarely appearing to be over thirty years of age. They tend to dress in dark clothing, most often wearing garments of leather, suede, or denim. All of them have a ritualistic, elaborate tattoo somewhere on their bodies, which contains a specific bloodline symbol and their name encoded in it. All members of the bloodline are taught to read this code, and no one outside the line is permitted to know of it. Impostors who are identified in this manner are taught a swift lesson. Other ritual self-mutilation is popular, such as body piercing and branding (!)