Lycaon Protean

by Robert Kirkpatrick

These higher level Protean disciplines were all developed with the aid of the Unseelie Faeries. How they developed them is unknown (whether through the use of magic or rituals), but the gifts have been passed on to all other Lycaons. It is assumed that they are not innate abilities, because some non- Lycaon Gangrel have been able to develop them. The Unseelie Faeries had apparently showed the Lycaons how to open up these previously unseen potentials in their discipline.

[6] Wings of the Predator: The character can now grow large bat-like wings out of their shoulderblades, with the expenditure of a blood point. The wings allow the character to fly at 25 MPH, and gives them an automatic Flight rating of 1. It's superior to Shadow of the Beast because it allows the character to still keep his body and not be a bat. This can be used in conjunction with the wolf form of Shadow of the Beast, or any other form that the character can change into (except the obvious ones, like Mist form).

[7] Scent of the Lupine: For purposes of the Werewolf game, the character can no longer be detected as a creature of the Wyrm. To all Lupines, the character is sensed as if they were a fellow Lupine. Of course, Lupines can see through this with sight and common sense (Why exactly does that fellow Lupine not go out during the day?). However, when the character is in wolf form, he is indistinguishable from any Lupine (not including his Aura).

[7] The Bottomless Stomach: With the expenditure of three blood points, the character can now swallow whole anyone of equal size or smaller. If the victim is resisting, the character must make an opposed roll of Stamina + Protean versus the the victim's Dexterity + Dodge. If the character gets three successes over the victim, the character's mouth will stretch open to the size of his body and swallow the victim. After being swallowed, the victim loses one point of blood and one health level per turn of being in the stomach.

No one will notice that the character has another being inside their stomach. What this ability does, is allows the character to create a small "pocket" universe in their stomach, where they can hold just about anything.

Note: it is unwise to swallow a resisting, conscious victim. If the victim has the appropriate abilities, they can easily claw or tear their way out of the character's stomach. And if they are not gagged in anyway, they can scream for help. All those in hearing distance, can make Perception + Alertness rolls to hear the victim's cries.

[8] Lupine's Blood: The character now has blood that possesses very similar qualities to Lupine blood. Anyone drinking it has an increased chance to frenzy. Plus, even under Aura Persception, the character appears to be a Lupine in any form.

If this ability is used with Level One Unseelie, Aura Perception and Taste of Blood will register both Lupine and Faerie Blood.

Note: this blood is not actual Lupine blood, but a clever forgery allowable by Protean. Only rituals like Blood Walk will tell otherwise.

[9] Rage of The Wolf: The character can now change into a the half-wolf, half-man form of the Werewolf. However, this form is different from the Garou and has superior stats. The character dadds +4 to all physical sats, and manipulation drops by -1, and appearance rops to 0. It costs 5 blood points to transform into this state. There is no Delirium effect and the Vampire can still talk. However, there is a +3 difficulty to resist Frenzy.

According to the Gangrel, no Lycaon has ever obtained this discipline. But of course, that remains to be seen.