The Keenai

By Mitchell Kelly (

Nickname: The Auld Alliance

"Here's tae us: wha's like us? Gae few, and they're all deid"

Old Scottish toast

History: The Keenai are a small Bloodline, completly associated with Scotland. They were originally a part of a migration that lead several small groups from central Europe, under their fourth Generation founders several thousand years ago.

They fell out with other Kindred groups over the right of each to rule the west coast of Scotland, and the Keenai's connection to the UnSeelie Court. A few of the blood are said to have left for other parts of the world before now, probably Canada. The Keenai are largely confined to the larger cities of Scotland, and were originally part of the Highland clans. They fought against the Ventrue and the Malkavians, against the Roman invasions, and continued to resist Ventrue expansionism (via the English conquest of Scotland) until about a hundred and fifty years ago. They have since made their peace with the Ventrue, and retain good relations with all Camarilla clans except the Tremere, whom they hold in contempt.

The Keenai have a strange relationship with the Garou: quite who the White Howlers are, and why the preservation of their memory is so important no-one knows, but both sides immediately recognise each other, then after very formal greetings, politely ignore each other.

Appearance: Tall and thin, even by Kindred standards, they are notably old-fashioned in their dress. All favour some kind of Scottish motif on their clothing, be it tartan, a thistle badge, a blue bonnet or whatever. Most Keenai tend to have sharp features: long noses and pointed chins abound.

Background: All are of Celtic origin, and are mostly of Highland stock. Celtic revivalists are very common among their younger Chider. Common Natures include Survivor, Cavalier and Gallant, with most Demeanors being fairly open. The Bloodline is closely knit, and common Backgrounds include Mentor and Status.

Disciplines: Auspex, Dominate and Bequaine. Animalism and Presence are common, along with Obfuscate. Fortitude, Potence and Protean are rare.

Creation: Mental Attributes are usually primary along with Talents, although this is by no means universal. Prized abilities include Etiquette, Music and Law, all of which are invaluable when dealing with the Fay. Knowledges like Linguistics, Heraldry and Occult are highly regarded. Common Backgrounds in addition to the above are Contacts, Herd and Allies, from the Highland clan members they have long fed upon.

Supernatural Merits and Flaws are the most common, along with Vampiric Society. The Flaws Clan Enmity and Intolerance, toward the Tremere, are common. All Keenai have the Merits Code of Honour and Faerie Affinity, although the latter costs only one point, since their association is with the UnSeelie alone. Weakness. All Keenai live by a Code of Honour. In addition to the effect of the Merit of the same name, this gives them problems. At the creation of a character, the player must flesh out a fully-developed code of honour, almost like a Path of Enlightenment.

If the Keenai acts against his or her code, he or she will lose the benefits of the code and three dice from all rolls until some sort of atonement is made. The severity of the atonement is dependent upon the severity of the lapse. Also, until atonement is made, the Faeries will pointedly ignore the Vampire. The code should be tight enough to restrict the character's actions without binding them beyond all hope of fun.

Organisation: The Bloodline tends to live as broods around early-generation leaders, and is frequently the dominant force in the Kindred politics of the area (e.g. Edinburgh, Dundee, Strathclyde). It retains good relations with the organisation of the Camarilla, although between individuals this can vary. Relations between members of the Bloodline are formal but friendly, and tend to follow a very Celtic view of place, position and prestige.


The Discipline of Bequaine involves many powers associated with the UnSeelie Faeries, the Dark Court traditionally said to reside in Scotland. With each increase in the level of Bequaine attained, the Keenai gains a minor Geas. This is not sufficient to be a fully-fledged Flaw, but is an important Characteristic nonetheless. The higher level powers of this Discipline are best left to the imagination, but are dangerous indeed.

* Fay Sight: This power allows the user to see through faerie glamours and illusions, and to recognise faerie Trods. In addition, it will reveal the true form of shapeshifters or reveal hidden things. To do this, the user must gain more successes on a Per + Occult roll that the target has in her power. For Kindred this is the Discipline rating, for Mages, the Sphere, and for Garou, their rank.

** Minor Mischiefs This power allows the Kindred to perform some of the minor, annoying, but not truly dangerous, tricks of the UnSeelie Faries. The Character must roll Manipulation+Occult versus the target's willpower. Each success allows one minor problem to beset the victim. Examples include: broken shoelaces, holes in pockets that allow keys to fall out, or finding one's car has a flat tire.

*** Sidhe Wisdom: By rolling Charisma+Faerie Lore, difficulty 8, the Keenai can contact the Lorekeepers of a faerie Sidhe, and quiz them about mysteries. Each success on the first roll will gain a piece of information. A failure results in the faeries spending several hours berating the Kindred for her poor manners, and a botch forever denies her this power. The Lorekeepers are wise in most things concerning the occult or the Awakened, but require payment for each piece of information. This payment may be as simple as sugar or as sinister as one's own blood. The information is usually in the form of couplets of rhyme or quaint little sayings.

**** UnSeelie Path: Allows the Keenai to move along the magical paths of the UnSeelie faeries. The caster must spend a blood point and roll Charisma + Faerie Lore, difficulty 7. Any successes mean that the Kindred has been move to within 10 miles of her target (determine distance and direction randomly). A failure leaves the Kindred where she was, and costs a point of willpower, and a botch condemns the Kindred to eternity in the service of the UnSeelie...

***** Faerie Curse: By rolling Manipulation+Occult, difficulty 7, the Keenai can place a curse upon another. These curses last a varying time, but are usually quite horrible-examples including reducing a person's Appearance or Charisma to 1, placing someone in an unbreakable sleep, preventing a person from ever resting etc. To activate the curse, the Keenai must confront the victim, speak the curse and spend three blood points. To affect the Awakened, or those with True Faith, a willpower point must be also spent. Each curse can be cancelled by the caster, and must have a "let-out clause", such as being kissed awake by a person of royal blood.

Number of Success	Duration
Botch			Curse affects Keenai, one day per botch.
One			One day
Two			One week
Three			One month
Four			A year and a day
Five+			Permanent, unless lifted.
Level Six: Faerie Majesty. This power allows the user to call upon a significant favour from the UnSeelie Court. Typically this means the services of a faerie guardian (a troll, a faerie knight or a pack of faerie hounds), to serve him for a year and a day or a faerie "army" to give the user aid in one struggle. The user rolls Charisma+Ettiquette, difficulty 8, to send the summons. The exact nature of the is, of course unpredictable, but it is of the correct general sort (i.e. a group of faerie shoemakers don't turn up to take on the Garou, and a dragon will not appear to clean up a mess in the user's Haven.

The other side of this power is that the faeries can call upon the user for aid in their turn. Caine help anyone who reneges on the deal...

Level Seven: Blood of Kings. This power allows the Kindred to convert all or part of her blood to faerie blood. This allows the Kindred several powers: the user can step into the Umbra, and be seen as a normal spirit or person, the user can perform Faerie magic at no cost and the user can summon faries to her aid by simply rolling Charisma+Faerie Lore, difficulty 6. However, there are problems: the user is susceptible to iron, as Garou are to silver, and difficulties to avoid frenzies increase by two. Also, when the effect ends, a Self Control check (difficulty 6) is necessary to avoid a bad attack of severe depression (Harano). System: Kindred rolls Stamina+Faerie Lore. The difficulty is one less than her current willpower. A botch is fatal. Each success converts one point of blood for one day, and successes must be divided between the length and power of the change. The more blood is converted, the greater the usable powers (assume that each blood point converted gives access to one level of thaumaturgical ritual or pathway.)