A Brief History of the Clan Tremere

 "If you master Magic, you can master others-
If you master your mind, you can master yourself"

        Though Clan Tremere doesn't date back millenia like many clans do, that doesn't make its history any less colorful. The Tremere are by far the most powerful and influential non-original clan in existence. They are also unique in that they are not, in the strictest sense, descendants of Caine; as befits a group whose main focus has always been magic, they owe their origins to sorcery.

       It may not be common knowlege that the Tremere were a powerful group even before they became vampires. In fact, the use of Thaumaturgy (the ability to use magic which sets this clan apart) is not vampiric as most other disciplines are. House Tremere (a group of around 75 members) was part of an organization called The Order of Hermes, a mage group which existed through most of the Dark Ages.

      Many of the current Council of Seven followed Tremere as the House came to be among the most respected in the Order. Tremere, after outliving the founders of his House, began to search for immortality. He knew his magic could prolong life, but not to the extent he wished.

      It was not Tremere who found the secret to immortality, however. That distinction went to an enterprising young apprentice named Goratrix . The apprentices discoveries did not come easily. He had conducted many vile experiments on babies, virgins, and the like with little or no results. Finally Goratrix was able to study a group which already had immortality - the Undead.
       These experiments were a resounding success; Goratrix, along with Tremere, called a House Assemblage.

      It was at this meeting in 1022 A.D. when a group of seven Mages finally attained immortality  through drinking a concoction made of altered vampire blood. Tremere saw the potential immediately, and theorized about the possibilities of becoming an actual vampiric clan - on par with the antediluvian clans. Both he and Goratrix concluded that in order to achieve that kind of power, one must consume and assimilate the life force of one of the ancient vampires.
                                     Tremere did just that.

         Today, though Tremere is unlive and well, the clan is generally run by members of the Council. The Council follows the Code set up by Tremere; and dissension between members is nearly unheard of. Apparently, lust for power can be heriditary- as this is still a driving goal for most Tremere. It is this lust coupled with clan unity that make the Tremere so dangerous.
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