by Jenny L. Parr (15 Nov 93)

Okay here is the first installment of the oriental vamps I promiced. This is just history as there are few of the Hibakusha left and they would be hideously powerful! Anyone wanting rules for the Hibakusha will have to wait andcontact me by e-mail as I don't want my players finding out about them.

The Hibakusha were a clan of vampires originating in South East Asia and migrating to India and Japan. They were unique in that they gained their powers from those they fed upon, gaining skills from their mortal herds. However when the kindred of the second city discovered them the Hibakusha were overcome by the strength of their blood. The powers they gained were so potent that they were forever changed and unable to use the powers of others they fed upon. Desperately the Western vampires cursed the Hibakusha but the Easterners only became unable to drink from whatever clan they had inherited their powers from. This caused great enmity between the Western and Eastern kindred as the Westerners attempted to diabolise their Eastern counterparts.

The clans the Hibakusha dissolved into are: