The following information is copyright 1992, by Deirdre Brooks Permission is provided for private use. Public use and/or gaining profits for its use is prohibited. Hetaerae Nickname: Whores The founder of this Clan was a highly regarded priestess of the love goddess in Sumer and her skill at the amorous arts was legendary even before her embrace. The tales of her abilities impressed a pale man who had been living in the city for some time. He spent a night with her, describing the wonders of his form of life, finally asking her to join him in it. To her later regret, she accepted. After a short period of elation she discovered she had lost the very reason he had made her. Angry at him, and very distressed over her loss, she began to develop the basics of Ekstasis. Only when she was satisfied with it did she make Progeny. After a century, she moved onward, traveling to different cities and finding more priestesses worthy of eternal life. After an assault by a cabal of Fourth Generation intent on Diablerizing her, she decided she needed more protection than a group of Ghouls could give her. Because of this she embraced her Ghouls, making them into the first of her chosen warriors, the Epilektoi. During her travels she became legendary among mortals. Many considered her to be an incarnation of the various goddesses in all aspects. Some of the religions of the love goddess formed because of a visit by her or one of her Progeny. When she visited a city, she would find two or three priestesses to embrace and train in Ekstasis. They would watch the young women of the city for promising talent and train them as they had been trained. Through these means, the Clan spread throughout the Middle East and the Mediterranean shores, along with the worship of the goddess of love in all her forms. The Epilektoi would also select competent warriors to guard the priestesses from harm. In time, the Hetaerae and their guards had spread across Europe and Africa. Many were involved in the establishment of Carthage and many died when it fell. Since that time a significant fraction have been working to make such a culture possible again. During and after the Punic Wars the Ventrue and Malkavians were attempting to root out the Hetaerae wherever they could be found and destroying them. The reason for this was the Hetaerae's open relationship with humans. Both Clans suffered severe losses due to the Epilektoi, but many temples were destroyed. As a result, the Hetaerae attempted to fade into the background, leaving many temples empty, thus giving them no target to attack. They also began using different names, Greek instead of Sumerian, to throw smoke into the search. They were successful to the extent that most Kindred of the modern world, if they know of the Hetaerae at all, consider them a legend. In modern times the Hetaerae are drawn from prostitutes at all levels of society. In fact, many of the most skilled mortal prostitutes are ghouls of one Hetaera or another, and will someday soon join the Clan as full members. The Clan is currently based in Monaco although an enclave with strong Anarch sympathies is centered in Las Vegas. This enclave is known as the Daughters of Lysistrata. Their primary purpose is to recreate Carthage in the modern world despite the efforts of the Camarilla. Many Hetaerae, especially among the Daughters, are not content to simply be prostitutes. Many of them have moved into the upper levels of society and politics with a vengeance, using their talents and charms to gain influence and win friends. With their abilities and the sort of clientele they attract, they are privy to a great many secrets of many of the governments and corporations around the world. While this Clan looks harmless on the surface, the potential their primary Discipline holds is quite powerful. The idea of an elder Hetaera in a city is enough to frighten most Kindred who know of them; their ability to charm is legendary. Nor should the combat prowess of the Epilektoi be ignored, for it was their abilities which have kept the Hetaerae alive through some rough times. They closely resemble the Toreador in many ways, yet members of the two clans, when they meet, rarely get along. The traitor that gave Carthage to the Ventrue was a Toreador, and the Hetaerae have not fully trusted them since. The Toreador who have encountered them consider them no better than Poseurs, chosen for beauty over talent. A younger member of this Clan will rarely travel beyond her home city, unless she is with an elder. Elders travel quite often, to meet the younger Hetaerae and possibly establish a new Brothel. Such Elders will often be found with two or more Epilektoi and several Ghoul retainers. Appearance: Hetaerae are always very beautiful and are generally chosen from the most skilled and attractive artists available. They are nearly always dressed in the most fashionable styles available. Epilektoi vary widely in appearance as they are more often chosen for their fighting prowess than their good looks. Haven: The Hetaera normally makes her lair in a Brothel or hotel. In general, you can expect to find her wherever you find mortal prostitutes. Epilektoi lair with Hetaera. Background: Hetaerae are always chosen from the previously mentioned professions. Occasionally an Hetaera will 'adopt' a young person and train her in the erotic arts. Epilektoi most often choose young women or men to train them in the arts of combat. Often they will choose those who are skilled in the modern styles of warfare so as to update their tactics and Abilities. Character Creation: Usually Drifter or Entertainer Concepts for the Hetaerae. They tend to have Bon Vivant Natures, and often a Bon Vivant, Caregiver or Confidant demeanor. Social Attributes and Talents are primary, with Mental Attributes and Skills often being secondary. Herd is very common in the form of regular customers, Influence, Contacts and Resources are very common (they are paid for pleasuring people), Mentor is often useful. Hetaerae are almost always Casanovas. The Hetaerae, especially amongst the younger members, is mostly composed of women. Epilektoi are fairly evenly divided among men and women. All who live at the Brothel are taught Masquerade. Most Hetaerae and Epilektoi have three or more dots in Generation due to the tradition of having the eldest Vampire present Embrace any Neonates. The Epilektoi are generally drawn from Drifter, Outsider or Soldier Concepts. They generally have Deviant, Fanatic, Gallant or Survivor Demeanors and Natures. Loners do not work well in the Brothel atmosphere, and often leave. Disciplines: Auspex, Celerity, Ekstasis (although a few have learned some Vicissitudes so as to enhance their beauty.) The Epilektoi possess Auspex, Celerity and Potence. Weaknesses: An Hetaera cannot create a Blood Bond with Kindred, no matter how many times a Vampire drinks from the same Hetaera. She is completely incapable of doing it. She is also susceptible to sensual pleasures in a fashion similar to the Toreador attraction to beauty. The Epilektoi also cannot Blood Bond, but they do not possess the susceptibility to sensual pleasures. Instead, they have a strong commitment to defend those who cannot defend themselves, specifically the Hetaerae. However, they will often intervene when they come across a crime such as rape, mugging or assault. This commitment is strong enough that a Willpower roll must be made to control it. The difficulty is set by the Storyteller, but is rarely below a 6. This attitude is instilled by their training and the rituals involved in their Becoming. Organization: The Clan operates enclaves known as Brothels around the world and maintains constant contact between them. They also act as safe houses for Kindred who are in need of shelter or protection, most often Caitiffs. Those who stay are encouraged to learn either the arts of love or war. They frown upon pimps intruding into a territory they claim and the Epilektoi war upon them whenever possible. There are a few Hetaerae and Epilektoi who have left the Brothels to live on their own. They are always welcome to return should they so desire. Gaining Prestige: Be successful at your chosen profession. The better you are at it, the more prestige you will have. Gain control of the prostitution trade in your city through elimination or domination of the mortals controlling the trade. Insure proper treatment for the prostitutes. Through manipulation of the mortals in charge of a city, cause prostitution to be legalized. The Society of Lysistrata gain prestige by effecting changes in Kine society. The Epilektoi gain prestige by successfully executing their duties. Quote: "We may possibly be the only Kindred who truly understand love and what it means to Kindred and Kine alike. The others forget their past, the fact they were once human also. That is a mistake. Humanity is our greatest inspiration. "We are not involved in the Jyhad if at all possible. Unfortunately, it sometimes cannot be helped." Stereotypes: * The Camarilla - These stuffed shirts are desperately trying to hold onto a world that is slipping from their cold fingers. They no longer understand what it is to live! "These fools would throw away the Masquerade simply to satisfy their mad hedonistic desires. They are artistically bankrupt and are unable to admit it, to themselves or anyone else." -- Lucina, Toreador, Milwaukee * The Sabbat - They are just as bad as the Camarilla in different ways, their version of pleasure often leaves too many others in pain. "They do not possess enough power on a large scale to present a threat to us. Individually, these puppeteers can be very powerful. The best way to deal with their kind is to exterminate them where they are found." -- Matthew, Tzimisce Priest * The Inconnu - These fools hide from the mortal world, losing contact with the single most valuable resource on the planet. They do not produce, they simply exist. "Their path gives them a tighter grasp on their humanity. Golconda is not as difficult for them to reach once they understand their place in the scheme of things." -- Solomon, 4th Generation Ventrue Ekstasis A mistress of the art of seduction and eroticism, the Hetaera uses this Discipline to enhance her abilities. Those who possess Ekstasis often appear extremely attractive. * Mortal Sensuality The Hetaera can engage in normal sexual relations with mortals as if she were mortal. She can feel the full extent of the orgasms just like any human. She also smells human. System: There is no system - this level is always active. ** Seduce This ability allows the Hetaera to cause a mortal to feel lust for him; this will only be satisfied by full physical contact. System: Make a Charisma + Seduction/Subterfuge roll against the target's Willpower. Target number of 6 for both rolls. *** Touch of Pleasure The Hetaera can now induce incredible sensual pleasure in anyone within fifty feet, giving them sensual pleasures unlike anything any mortal could provide. System: If the target is willing, the feelings overwhelm him for as long as the Hetaera desires. If the target is resisting, roll Charisma + Empathy against Willpower, target of 6. For every success over the target's, remove one die from the his pool. This lasts for a full turn, but can be used again and again with cumulative effects. **** Sensual Sustenance The Hetaera can now take blood directly from anyone she is touching. This form of feeding leaves no marks. The feeling is much more intense than usual to both the Vampire and the Vessel. This ability is extremely useful in maintaining the Masquerade simply because it eliminates the need to bite, and therefore does not leave mortals with awkward memories. System: The Hetaera can feed from anyone with whom she is involved in physical contact. Roll Stamina + Subterfuge against the target's Stamina + 3. Each success the Hetaera gains allows her to take one blood point. ***** Love Use of this potent ability allows the Hetaera to cause anyone nearby to fall thoroughly in love with her. This works in a fashion similar to a Blood Bond, but a Blood Bond will override it once the Hetaera leaves the subject's presence. System: Roll Charisma + Seduction against the subject's Wits + 3, with each success strengthening the feelings he has for the Hetaera. This ability costs one Willpower point to use on Kindred. Level Six: Guard of Honor: This ability helps guarantee the safety of the Hetaera who possesses it. When she uses it, all those nearby who would find her attractive will jump to her defense. System: When the Hetaera chooses to use this ability, she rolls Charisma + Seduction against a 6. The duration is one turn per success. It only affects those who would find the Hetaera attractive. During that time, those affected will help defend the Hetaera who uses it. Orgiastic Indulgence: The Hetaera can cause entire groups of people to experience a level of lechery generally unheard of. This generally causes an orgy of epic proportions during usage. System: Roll Manipulation + Subterfuge, difficulty is 8. Those subject to this ability can spend Willpower points to avoid the effects, but must leave the area or be forced to spend another point every few minutes. 1 Success 3 People 2 Successes 6 People 3 Successes 12 People 4 Successes 18 People 5 Successes 24 People Dread Curse of Impotence: With this ability, the Kindred can cause any human to lose all sexual function. While not exceptionally powerful, it certainly can be frustrating. It does not remove sexual desire. System: The effect lasts for a time determined by the number of successes on a Stamina + Medicine roll. The target number is the subject's Stamina + 3. The effect can be cancelled at any time by the Hetaera that placed it or by a specialized ritual. 1 Success 1 day 2 Successes 1 week 3 Successes 1 month 4 Successes 1 year 5 Successes Permanently Lonely heart: The target of this ability feels unfulfilled whenever the Hetaera is not around. He feels lost, lonely and often incompetent. When the Kindred is nearby, he will brighten up considerably, going to her for advice and assistance. He will also be far more confident than at any other time. System: To determine the effectiveness of this ability, roll Manipulation + Subterfuge, difficulty 6, against target's willpower, difficulty 6. Subtract the number of successes from the target's dice pools whenever the Hetaera is not around and treat the target as being blood bound to the Hetaera. Level Seven: Cupid's Arrow: With this power, the Hetaera can cause any one person to fall in love with any other person, although both must be in her presence. System: Roll Charisma + Subterfuge against a 7. The number of successes determines the strength of the bond. The bond can be broken by rolling Willpower against the Hetaera's Charisma + Subterfuge and expending a number of Willpower points equal to the number of successes she gained. Curse of the Broken Heart: The Hetaera can create a soul deep weakness in the person it is directed at, causing him to lose most physical capacity. The effects are characterized by a total loss of hope, ambition and will to live, as well as a feeling that the love of his life is forever gone. System: Drops the target's Physical Attributes and Willpower to one each for the duration determined with a Manipulation + Subterfuge roll against Stamina + 3. 1 success One hour 2 successes One day 3 successes One week 4 successes One month 5 successes One year Pleasurable Aura: This works much like Touch of Pleasure, but can be used against more than one target at a time. System: As per Touch of Pleasure, although this allows the Hetaera to affect a number of subjects equal to her dots in Seduction. Level Eight: Love at First Sight: The Kindred with this power causes all who gaze upon her to instantly fall in love. He will desire nothing more than to please her, pleasure her and otherwise make her happy. This will continue long after she leaves the area, regardless of Blood Bonds. The Hetaera can decide when to use this power. System: Anyone in the Hetaera's presence must make a Willpower roll with Charisma + Manipulation/Seduction as the target number. Those who fail immediately fall in love with her. Kindred must spend a number of Willpower equal to the Hetaera's successes to overcome this effect. Level Nine: If Looks Could Kill: With use of this ability, an Hetaera can kill a mortal with a glance and send Kindred into torpor. A mortal who is subject to this power will die of a heart attack induced by overexcitement. Kindred lose all health levels and drop into torpor. System: Roll Appearance + Seduction against the target's Willpower. If the Hetaera exceeds the victim's successes in this test, the target dies or falls into torpor. Level Ten: Rulership of Aphrodite: The Hetaera's ability to seduce is extended over an area equal to the size of a large city or small country. The effect isn't precisely sexual attraction so much as a desire to please and obey the Hetaera. The commands need not be verbal, she simply concentrates upon what she wishes done, and the populace does it. System: Roll Charisma + Area Knowledge against an 8, with the number of successes determining the alacrity with which the populace responds. 1 success It seems like an excellent idea, but . . . 2 successes Everyone wants to do it, it could take time. 3 successes Soon, possibly within a few days. 4 successes High priority. 5 successes Immediately, with all possible effort. ----- Small addition - no one is really certain whether the founder survived Carthage or if she's dead. But, either a very powerful 4th or the founder lives in Monaco. Another post with archetypes and a Path of Enlightenment will be on its way soon. Marzhavasati Kali