by: Larry Austin Bernard afn33976@afn.org

Level 1

Blood Perception
This grants the ability to determine not only the age and clan of the vampire but the most recent time he has fed
System: perception and blood lore difficulty 6 with more than three sucesses you can pick up stuff like when the vampire last fed what vampires has he/she diablarized etc.

Level 2

Command Blood Flow(Self)
With this ability a vampire is master of how his own blood flows
System: None happens automaticlly

Level 3

Control Blood Flow(Others)
With this potent ability a vampire can stop start or do anything with the blood flow of another
System:Stamina + Blood lore - Difficulty(willpower)

Level 4

Blood Awareness
Posessors of this level of the discipline are aware of where their blood is at all times
System:Perception + Blood lore - Difficulty: base 5 + 1 per week of seperation

Level 5

Blood Telepathy
After using blood awarness one can make a telepathic link with whom ever holds his blood
Syatem: After using blood awarness the only system needed is if their is resistance and that is covered by willpower(Diff op. willpower)

Level 6

Blood Bonus
This ability allows the vampire for the purposes of healing to spend blood points at the following rate 1=2
System: Automatic

Level 7

Cure Curse of the Blood
This ability allows a a clan curse to be removed(however it does not count for the assimite curse)and only for the individual.also it will only work on a nostferatu or a malkavian if done at the time of embrace
System: Intelligence + Blood Lore - Difficulty 8

Level 8

Blood Fluidity
Works like blood bonus exept this is for all purposes
System: Same as Blood Bonus(Lvl 6)

Level 9

Blood Conquest
This ability allows a vampire to use his blood to take over the body of another
System: Same as dominate ability - puppet master

Level 10

Nullifies the use of ANY level 1,2,3,4,5, or 6th lvl discipline
System: Blood Lore + Perception - Difficulty: Humanity

Makala Fahr Thuren