by Gary Greenhill

The bloodline of DaVinci share a great affinity with machines, it is even fair to say that they love them. Fusion allows control and empathy with machines much like animalism does with beasts. The DaVinci guard their discipline well as it is their only advantage in this bleak world.

When communicating with machines some may have personalities but none will have a soul as such. If a spirit possesses a machine the DaVinci can converse with that instead.

Level One

Insight: The DaVinci can instantly recognise the function of any machine simply by looking at it. He does not, however, automatically gain the knowledge of how to work it.

System: The DaVinci simply knows what the machine does.

Level Two

Affinity: The DaVinci has an affinity with machines and can operate them much easier than any normal person. This is anything from a gun (to disassemble not to target) to a tractor to a supercomputer.

System: The difficulty for operating any item of technology is two less than it would be normally.

Level Three

Synthesize: With this power the character can create special machines with inefficient parts (A Team and MacGyver style). These makeshift machines function to do a specific task.

System: The character spends a willpower point and can construct a machine to do a specific task with the materials available. The character must roll intelligence + repair + Fusion against the difficulty of the intended machine. Once operational the machine will work for one scene only.

Level Four

Bonding: The DaVinci with this power can touch a machine and become joined with it. She may feel and understand all that is the machine. She may also control the machine as if it were her own body.

System: The DaVinci must first touch the machine and spend a willpower point. Once this is done she becomes unconscious as though she is in torpor. Her mind is in the machine, it is the machine. She has complete control over the machines operation and can feel where the machine is, although unless the machine itself is capable of movement she cannot move it. If she enters a computer she may find herself in a world similar to that portrayed in Tron. If the machine is part of a network she is only joined with it at that particular node (e.g. a computer terminal) , however she may travel to a different node at the cost of a willpower point. She may return any time, at will. If the machine is in some way magical it may resist as up to the Storyteller.

Level Five

Conduct: The character can manipulate machines from a distance by sending his will to command it.

System: If the character spends a willpower point he can operate a machine as if he were touching it for that scene.

Level Six

Download: With this power the character turns her whole body into an electronic signal and can travel across computer networks and electrical cables. This may be like the world of Tron and the character could encounter all sorts of unusual creatures. The DaVinci may enter or leave the network from any electrical medium with which humans can communicate, e.g. TV, telephone, monitor etc.

System: The DaVinci spends two blood points and may enter the communication or electrical network. It takes two rounds to complete the transformation. The character is immune to sunlight in this form and may travel about during the day (if she can stay awake), however there are stranger dangers lurking in the global electronic web. The characters can only travel where the network allows, and may need to roll computer or electronics to find her way around. Most important computers will be protected by Programs.