Flight: (New Discipline)

Flight operates in the same way as Celerity, the character is granted certain movement powers for each level of the discipline. Afficionados of this discipline often affect bat- or bird-like characteristics, or use bat-capes and/or flowing garments to enhance their look while flying, since they are among the only vampires that can.

Glide: The character is able to glide, but not yet actually fly under their own power. This allows them to float gently to Earth instead of falling, leap farther, and also something achieve some of the same effects as flying. This is equivalent to Glide-50.

System: Roll Dex+Flight (up to 5) each success adds 10ft to a leap.

Float: The character may defy gravity and float about under their own power

System: Speed is up to about 60 MPH, for 1 blood point per scene/hour.

Fly: The character may float at will, or fly quite fast for 1 blood point per hour.

System: Speed are 45 MPH to hover or float (at no cost), 100 MPH to fly for 1 blood point per hur, or fly fast for 75 MPH per blood point per hour (e.g., if 3 blood points are spent, the vampires flies at 225 MPH.)

System: 60 MPH / 125 MPH / 100 MPH

System: 75 MPH / 155 MPH / 125 MPH, etc.