Fallen Angels

by Andrew Cram (19 Oct 94)

Nicknames: Angels, Demons

Parent clan: Caitiff (Pander antitribu)

Organization: Camarilla

Status: Greater Bloodline

The Fallen Angel Bloodline was founded less than a decade ago by an enigmatic Pander antitribu in Seattle. In the few years since it has spread throughout the America's and Australia but has yet to reach Europe.

This bloodline is causing much concern in vampiric society, rumors abound that they are the pawns of the Setites, Baali or something far worse. It's members however have not done anything that would support these rumors, indeed the Angels are the less violent and 'evil' of Vampires often helping to protect mortals in danger.

All members of this bloodline are male, they are also all members of the Camarilla (Although unconfirmed reports indicate at least one kindred of similar appearance and abilities in the Sabbat) and are pushing for full Clan status including their own Justicar.

Appearance: Angels have a unique appearance. All have a rating of 5 in appearance due to extensive use of Vicissitude, Black and Gold eyes (Serpentis) and Bat wings extending from their backs (Viceratika). Many are also completely hairless, although some have very long hair. They wear either jeans and little else or stylishly tailored suits with large coats or capes.

Haven: Angels have shown no prefered havens with as many living in the sewers as in penthouses.

Backgrounds: Most recruits are in their twenties, typically university students.

Character creation: Most Angels come from mainstream backgrounds and are most typically either visionaries or caregivers. Social attributes are usually primary as are knowledges.

Clan disciplines: Sanguinus, Serpentis, Viceratika. Most also learn Vicissitude. (Must start with at least one dot in Serpentis and Viceratika)

Weaknesses: The Angels primary weakness there appearance. Their extensive use of Vicissitude is also starting to have an effect on the mental stability of some angels. They are unable to feed from female humans.

Organization: It is unclear exactly what structure this bloodline maintains although the founder is still thought to be in control. The Tremere whisper that all members of the clan are bloodbound to each other although most doubt these claims. All Angels within a given city seem to be equal with the oldest acting as a kind of spokesman.

Gaining clan prestige: The easiest ways to gain prestige is to gather personal power, and to spread the clans influence and status. Less straightforward is the aiding of select mortals or defeating the plans of the clans enemies.

Quote: "Me, a demon, don't be ridiculous, I'm just here to help. Now what would you do to look a million dollars?"


Children of Osiris:

The Whip of Angels, a magical weapon used by the Fallen Angels.