by Killjoy LePal (5 Jan 95)

For the Apophisim.

[1] Alteration: At the cost of one Willpower, the user can make a target do/say/think something opposite of what was actually intended ("yes" instead of "no", etc.).

[2] Delusion: At the cost of one Willpower, the user can inflict a Delirium on someone, causing them to be at half their normal dice, after all modifiers, to any roll. Requires a Manipulation+Empathy roll vs. the target's Willpower. The amount of successes over the target's equals the amount of hours in Delirium.

[3] Insubordination: At the cost of a Willpower, the user is capable of changing the target's Demeanor, by succeeding in a Manipulation+Empathy vs. Willpower roll. It uses the Presence [3] chart for determining the duration.

[4] Temptation: As per Serpentis [6] Temptation, but uses the same duration as Insubordination. Costs one Willpower.

[5] Misinformation: Allows the implantation of a lie, no matter how grandurous, and to make the target believe it. The lie cannot be more than two sentences long, and must be based on some facet of the truth. It requires the roll and has the duration of Insubordination, but whatever the case, when the Deceiver dies, the lie dies with her. Here comes the fun part. A misinformative lie may be used as the "truth" of another lie. This is the great power of the Apophisim. They lie, and they lie well. Requires (as always) one Willpower.

[6] Affliction: Allows the user to implant a statement into the subconscious of the target. The target will never remember that she heard it, but in her subconscious, she will remember it perfectly, and follow through with what it says. There is no way to get it out, and the target may well be under a life influence. Same roll and duration as Insubordination, and same cost. (Catch the drift of this power? It always costs one Willpower! Bet you couldn't guess!)