by Joel Sax (12 Oct 93)

Here is the discipline of the Endendara bloodline.

[1] Cloak of Leaves: Your ability to transform into a plant has not yet developed, but this discipline allows you to hide among plants without being seen. Even small potted plants can afford cover.

Once under cover, you must remain completely motionless in order to remain obscured. If you move, if the plant cover is pulled away, or if a light is turned on which would illuminate you, the Cloak of Leaves fails.

System: No rolls need to be made, since the discipline succeeds once the criteria have been met. However, those with Auspex higher than the character's mastery of this discipline will see right through the leaves.

[2] Tendrils: You are able to grow three foot long tendrils. These tendrils are immune to sunlight and can aid in grappling.

System: No roll need be made; the transformation is automatic. Expenditure of two blood points per three foot tendril (you can expend eight blood points to make a 12 foot long tendril) is required. Each three foot long segment adds one to your grappling dice. Note that the number of blood points to create a three foot tendril decreases to one after you have attained the fourth level of mastery in this discipline.

[3] Root Meld: Similar to the Protean discipline Earth Meld except that the vampire becomes a fibrous root ball. While buried, the vampire is protected from the rays of the sun, but you can be dug up and exposed to sunlight while in this form.

System: No roll is necessary and the transformation is automatic, but two (or one) Blood Points must be spent.

[4] Leaves: You may grow leaves and use them for photosynthesis. When in this form, you may grow a leafy vine resembling kudzu above your resting place. If you sprout Tendrils while in this form, you may grapple with opponents. You must combine this with Earth Meld. (Exposure of your vampire body will result in light damage.) If you rise from the earth, you lose your leaves until you meld again and reform them.

System: No roll is required, but the transformation takes three turns and two Blood points to complete.

[5] Suckers: You may grow suckers for feeding while in vine form. You must successfully grapple with your prey to use them. You can drain your victims at the normal rate.

System: No roll is required. Creation of the suckers requires the expenditure of two Blood Points. This takes a turn.

[6] Forbidden Fruit: You may grow bloodberries. The fruit are filled with your own vitae. Other vampires eating them may derive sustenance (one Blood Point per clutch), but if they eat three times of the fruit (on different nights) they will become blood bound to you.

System: Creation of bloodberries requires two Blood Points while in Vine form. One of these points will be encapsulated in the berries. They are not recoverable to you. Bloodberries require an hour to grow.

[6] Flower of Evil: You may grow a large white flower at night. Humans and others who see the flower will feel drawn to sniff it. You can dominate any who do by the odor the flower emits. The emotions you can provoke are primitive: rage, love, anger, lust, caring, etc. The human will act out these emotions until dawn. Vampires are not affected.

System: Creation of the flowers requires two Blood points while in Vine form. The effect of the scent must be determined when the flower is grown. An opposed roll of the vampire's Manipulation+Herbalism against the victim's willpower is required to draw the victim towards the flower.

[7] The Moving Vine: You may uproot yourself and move about while in vine form. Your root ball comes up with the vine (therefore you should move only at night) and you are able to crawl at a slow rate.

System: You must roll your willpower against eleven-humanity to uproot yourself. It takes five-strength turns to uproot yourself. You may move three square feet of foilage per blood point spent up to twenty five feet. (The remainder dies.)

[7] The Writhing Vine: You may move all your above ground plant parts, not just your tendrils.

System: No roll required. Expenditure of one blood point.

[7] The Swimming Vine: You may move your root ball underground for short distances.

System: No roll required. Expenditure of one blood point per ten feet moved.

[8] Variable Foilage: You may grow different styles of foilage, imitating trees, grass, shrubs, flowers, as well as vines. A vampire with this power can create a whole garden.

System: No roll is required. It requires an expenditure of a Blood Point to effect the foilage change plus a blood point for each three feet (or nine square feet of one inch high lawn) you grow. You may accumulate growth on successive nights to a limit of three hundred square feet.

[9] Plant Parasitism: You may derive sustenance from plants. You can draw one blood point from each three cubic feet of plant material you parasitize. The plant dies.

System: No roll is required.

NOTE: DAPHNEISM is similar to Vicissitude (see Storyteller's Guide to the Sabbat) in that any vampire who has tasted the blood of an Endendara may develop the powers. Of course, this also means that you will become more plantlike as you lose humanity.