Clan Charusche

by: Dirk Weitzel -

The clan Charusche is looked down upon by the other clans because it is relatively new and because they embrace animals on a regular basis. The clan has been around for about 700 years, the main reason they are unheard of is that there are only about 20-30 of them world wide. They tend to have short unlifespans because of their strange practices. The oldest among them have taken to hiding in the sewers like the nosferatu. They tend to fall victim to blood hunts often as it is a clan practice to embrace animals more often than humans. Why they do this is known only to them it is probably a clan derangement of sorts. No one claims to have started this small clan and no members below 7th generation are known to exist. The Charusche tend to have no knowledge of the masquerade or the existence of the camarilla or sabbat. This leads to many of them being hunted down like the dogs that most vampires think they are. In reality they are an off shoot of the caitiff who have not been taught any of the rules about being vampires and who would rather feed from animals than humans, when they accidentally kill an animal they have found that by giving it some of their blood it revives them and after a time makes them loyal followers. Most are considered caitiff thereby hiding the existence of their clan. Those that do know of their existence tend to not acknowledge them because the camarilla inner council believes they should all be destroyed as threat to the traditions.
However some anarchs are starting to ask why they are not taught about the traditions and accepted as at least caitiffs instead of being just destroyed. The anarchs believe their camarilla elders fear them because they can not control them, therefore they are a resource to the anarch movements.
Clan Charusche (pronounced CHAR-oosh)
NicknameFilthy Beasts
AppearanceUsually in dirty rags of the clothes they were wearing when embraced, they often appear as derelicts and homeless people. They tend not to bathe and are quite often infested with vermin like body lice and fleas. Tend to be in poor health when embraced and usually are taken from streetwalkers or homeless people as children
Habits they tend to feed from homeless people when possible but mostly from abandoned animals
Common backgroundsanimal ghouls, animal children see Berlin by night for abbat kindred rules
Clan DisciplinesAnimalism,Auspex,Protean most also learn obfuscate early on
Character Background As stated before they tend to embrace animals, but when they do embrace a human they tend to embrace friends in the homeless communities who are close to death or are in poor health as an act of mercy. Most tend to believe life is sacred and in some twisted way they try to preserve it ( even though they tend to do more harm than good)
Clan Weakness Humanity and virtues have double normal cost even during creation also they do not get the starting dot in self control this reflects their beastial natures
Usual Natures/Demeanors: Deviant, Survivor, Loner

Views by other clans
Caitiff/PandersHey we take anybody!
BrujahHey give em one chance to prove their worth
GangrelIf you find one teach them our ways they are our lesser brothers and sisters
MalkaviansHey! There is NO clan Malkavian!
SetitesThey were a useful experiment that out lived its usefulness
VentrueNot in MY city!
TremereThey are easily controlled unlike the Nosferatu and just as useful!
GiovanniTarget practice!
LasombraYeah so what!
TzimisceWell... with an extra limb here... and an extra limb there...
True BrujahIts good to have one tied up in the basement... for the right occasions
Sabbat in generalSure spread the wealth

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