Beginning or Ending... Golconda?

Golconda is the Nirvana of the vampiric experience. According to vampiric lore, this lofty goal is one method for true escape from their horrorfic curse. It is peace gained when the vampire is finally able to accept his or her Beast and no longer is at eternal war with themselves. Legend tells that, in the moment of acheivement, the vampire has the choice to either become mortal or remain a new kind of vampire.

No matter the choice, the journey to this point will make an impact on the character in the greatest degree. The quest involves a journey through the vampire's own heart. It is not a goal accomplished lightly or quickly. Most either give up or fail horribly on the path, in most cases there is only one chance at this method--the traveler must be wholly ready for it.


Vampire: The Masqurade and The Storyteller's Handbook have excellent information on these topics. In the system, the greatest benefit is that the vampire is at peace with its Beast. This is reflected through the resistance to frenzy and the curse of Rotchezk that plagues the immortal experience.

Also, the bloodlust is more restrained in this state. A character loses only one blood per week, instead of the normal one per night. As the character gains age, the need for stronger blood is far more subdued.

A rumored benefit is that the limitations caused by generation are suspended. A vampire in Golconda can push themselves beyond these. It is accorded that they are able to utilize their full vampiric potential. This should not be the main reason to draw characters to pursue Golconda--this is a state of mind, not of body.


Not everything in life is easy, especially when trying to gain enlightment and inner peace. When it comes to Golconda, the philosphy should apply. The experience should not be based on points, but on role-playing.

In Masqurade, the requirements listed for pursueing it are:

But, aquiring these is not the end of the quest.

A character must first learn of Golconda's existence. This is not easy, for Golconda is not common knowledge. Those who do know about it, often do not reveal this. And most Kindred consider it a rumor or lie. The Kindred who would believe in it is usually either hazed or seen as a fool to try. This is reflected in it's diffculty to find.

After learning of it, the quester must find a mentor and prove their worth to them. The elder usually requires the vampire to repent for past sins and repay such debts. A bloodthirsty young vampire of the past, may find themselves begging forgiveness and protecting those they once scoffed. Sins of long forgotten days seem to rise to find their way to haunt this vampire as well. It is a soul-searching time that test's the player's patience and character's worth. No one said it would be easy, and yet it gets harder.

Once the character has peservered this far, the character enters the time of Suspire. It is a "visionquest" that puts the character through tests the quester must answer and solve. Fears and flaws are unearthed. Old crimes and failures faced. Most fail and the mentor mercifully slays such failures. Those that do fail and somehow survive, rarely get a second chance--to do so requires legendary steps to try.

To maintain Golconda, the character must maintain their humanity/path or else face a long fall. It brings back the old battles and this time, there may not be away out.

Fate is in the Storyteller's hands, can you find the way out?

(excerpts from Vampire: The Masquarade 2nd Edition and The Storyteller's Handbook)