The Blood Dagger

The Blood Dagger

By Chris Wilson (

Created by an obscure Assamite ritual, it is believed that only one of these daggers exists. The dagger has a double sided, split blade, with an opposing hilt (the left of the hilt curls down, the right curls up). The grip is laced with chain mail and e nds in a grinning skull.

The dagger is so sharp, that it automatically gives a +2 successes for damage. If a Blood Point of Assamite blood is placed in the mouth of the skull, the victims blood will begin to fountain out of the skulls eyes and mouth when stabbed, thus draining t he vampire's life force. The victims blood pool will drain at a rate of 2 points per turn.

The dagger has the following stats:

Difficulty: 4
Damage: Strength + 4; +2 automatic successes; -2 blood points per turn to Kindred (with blood point of Assamite blood)
Ability: Melee Weight: 2 lbs.
Special Maneuver: Double Strike