From: (Feryn) **************************************** BASTRA **************************************** Bastra's followers worship the ancient Egyptian Gods (accept Set). The primary emphasis being on Bast (Hathor), Ra's daughter. She is also known as The Eye of the God who delivers Ra's justice (good for the good and evil for the evil). This gives her power of life and death even over the Gods. Many Egyptians called on Ra to revenge deeds done to them by others and it was Bast who expresses Ra's judgement. Bast's assept is that of a women with a cat's head and hence the worship that cat's receive. Bast is the most happy and joyful of the Gods and all rejoice in her company. Unless she is angry and then all joy is gone. Revenge is her only companion causing all others to flee her wrath. BACKGROUND : The Gods are imperative to guide those on Earth to life everlasting and peace in death. For the Gods to provide guidance those on Earth must seek their wisdom. Worship is an old tool in this aim. Those who have visited the ancient temples in Egypt have felt just a small part of the God's power that still resides in the ancient stones. The Gods are still with us and a new golden age through worship can be born. The only way to advance this knowledge is to provide living examples. CHARACTER CREATION : Bastra's concept is that of worship of the ancient Egyptian Gods (accept Set) but more specifically the worship of Bast. She is happy and good to be with but although her temper is not quick to come when it comes she takes heed of no one and death follows in her steps until her anger is sated which does not come quickly. Her Attributes are Mental reflecting her quick wit while her Abilities are Talents to show her readiness for action not words. CLAN DISCIPLINES : Felis (*), Obfuscate, Celerity WEAKNESSES : Although she is quick to act she is not quick to anger but once angered it is difficult for her to stop. Any Frenzy attack rolls for actions taken in anger are a difficulty of two higher and take an extra two successes must be collected before the Frenzy is entirely overcome (normally 5 successes are required ). DISCIPLINE FELIS ===== This Discipline is derived from ancient worship of the Egyptian cat god, Bast. Most powers revolved around the reverence and propensity that Egyptians held for their cats. Bast or Hathor, as she was also known as, was Ra's daughter. She was the most grasious and joyful of all the gods but she took on the role of the Eye of the Sun she could also be the fiercest and the cruellest. She was the protector of the gods but when she was angry even the gods feared her. For the Eye of the Sun held the power of li * Eye of the Sun The cold golden stare of a cat's vertical slit eyes can transfix its prey with fear. So will this discipline enable you to transfix mortals until the gaze is broken. SYSTEM : No roll is required for the use of this power but it can be avoided if the mortal takes care not to look into your eyes. Vampires and other supernatural creatures (Lupines, mages etc ) can also be affected by this power you must succeed in a Willpower Roll (Difficulty 9) in order to affect them. * Eye of Hathor Your eyes take on the cold golden aspect of a cat's vertical slit eyes which empowers you to see in the darkness as cats do. Complete darkness will defeat this power but darkness up to six times as dark as your normal vision can see in will be visible. SYSTEM : No roll is required for the use of this power. The difficulty with this power is that you eyes have the cats look and if you look into a bright light then your eyes will be highlighted just as a cat's are in the light of car lights. This in it self is not harmful but it may mark you out as different. ** Felis Talent This power enables you to achieve higher success at Athletic or Dodge tests. Cats are well known for their climbing, balancing, jumping and dodging talents. SYSTEM : No Roll but One Blood is required. By expending One Blood point to activate this power for the period of one scene. Every time an Athletic or Dodge roll is invoked, the number of successes achieved is doubled. This does not double the number of botch dice. *** Lazy Traveller This ability enables you to separate your awareness from your body and temporarily transplant to over the mind of a small creature. The creature must be within your line of sight and not of high intelligence. The usual receptacle for this technique is a cat or raven. Having transferred your awareness successfully you are free to use the receptacle body as you please. Roam where you so wish. The transference takes a full turn. There is no need to understand how the body works as the underlying mind still controls it but it has lost its free will. So you are free to enjoy the journey without having to understand or control the underlying mechanisms. Mind you, I would be careful where I would leave your real body. SYSTEM : Manipulation + Animal Ken Difficulty 5 A normal failure indicates that the transference was unsuccessful. The number of Botch dice indicates the number of 15 minutes you suffer pain. Increase the difficulty of all activities by one for this time. **** Felis Form You may transform into a cat (in anyone of its may aspects - domestic, wild, large or small) Example : Ocelot, Lion, house cat, etc. SYSTEM : No Roll No roll is required but the transformation requires the expenditure of one Blood Point. It takes three turns to complete the transformation. ***** Felis Fall When invoked this discipline enables you to fall (whether accidental or intentional ) from great heights without harm. Just as a cat can turn and land lightly from a fall on its feet so to will you. SYSTEM : One Willpower point for an automatic success OR Dexterity + Athletics Difficulty 7 A normal failure means the result is the same as if you hadn't used the discipline. A Botch results in an extra wound level damage is received from the fall.