by Simon Giles (27 Aug 95)

This discipline grants Tarantalus some of the abilities of their Ananasi heritage. Thus the Tarantalus may produce venom, cling to walls, spin webs, and many other spider like traits.

[1] Touch of Venom: You are able to produce venom from poison sacks under your finger nails. Wounds caused in hand to hand combat by raking with your nails will cause aggravated damage to other kindred. When you learn this level of Arachnidia your finger nails automatically become as hard as glass, and take on a black oily sheen. Once used, the venom sacks must be refiled, which costs one blood point. Mortals injected with this venom immediately become paralized, and will die within 10 minutes unless recieving medical attention.

[2] Cling of the Spider: You are able to crawl across any surface that will hold your weight. Thus you could crawl up a wall and upside down across the ceiling. You must have bare hands and feet to use this power.

[3] The Weavers Gift: You may spin webs from special glands hidden in your arms. These spinnerets may be used to create webbing similar to that of a spider, although on a much grander scale. The webbing, almost five milimeters thick is very difficult to see, even from a short distance. You may use this webbing to seal things off, capture opponents, or lower yourself from a height. It takes two rounds to snare and opponent. Other Tarantalus are immune to the effects of the Weavers Gift, and may pass through such webbing with little dificulty.

[4] Cocoon: You may spin a hard white human shaped cocoon in which to sleep. You may suspend this cocoon from any surface that will support your weight. This cocoon, which takes 10 minutes to weave, will protect you from fire and sunlight, and may be dissolved at wil. While inside the cocoon you are completely cut off from the outside world, and can not hear nor see anything transpiring outside. The cocoon has the physical traits rugged, and tough used solely for resisting damage, and may soak three points of damage before being destroyed.

[5] Carapace: You may turn your skin into a hard exoskeleton. You skin becomes as hard as stone, although you loose none of your agility. Characters using this discipline appear as though they are wearing a suit of black armour. To grow an carapace you must spend one blood point and be undisturbed for fifteen minutes. This carapace allows you to automatically resist one point of normal damage per round.

[6] Creeping Horde: You may transform youself into an oozing swarm of spiders. In this form you may crawl, with ease, across any surface, and may slip through even the tiniest of openings. The transformation requires the expendature of one blood point and takes five minutes to complete. Alternately you may spend three blood points to transform instantaneously.

[7] Weave Spirit Web: Using this level of Arachnidia you may connect any two physical locations with invisible silk like strands. These strands actually stretch through the spirit realm, and may not be altered, not detected physically. A willpower point must be permanently expended to link any two locations, and you must physically travel from one location to the other before the web is complete. These spirit webs may be detected by those with spirit sight, astral travelers, wraiths, and lupines in the gauntlet, with a willpower roll dificulty 8. Once detected, spirit webs are easily destroyed by any creature capable of entering the Gauntlet. Tarantalus may use Web Sight to view any location connected by a spirit web from the other location.

Advanced Auspex

In addition to Arachnidia, a Tarantalus may learn the new advanced Auspex discipline Web Sight.

[5] Web Sight: This level of Auspex allows you to view any location connected by a spirit web from the other location. You may see and hear any event which transpires at the other location just as though you were standing there. Tarantalus may use this discipline even if they can not yet weave their own spirit webs.